Greetings brothers and sisters!

Good evening, I have been away from this sight for quite some time. There where many things I wanted to post on this sight months ago but the Lord told me the time was not right and told me to shut my mouth! I There where some other issues as well, but during my prayer time lately the Lord again has laid this website on my heart again. Tonight I am going to post a message preached by my Father on the Spirit of Harlotry- Introduction. It is very lengthy and will take alot of time for one to sit down and read. It was the first teaching in a series on Spiritual harlotry and may be one of the most eye opening looks into the charactar of God and how spiritually blinded the people of God have become. Hoseah 4:6 says My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.Never has that scripture rang more true than today in the last days.We are watching a nation self destruct right before our eyes in current events. Israel again is at the forfront of current events with tensions rising in the middle east and now the U.S. is on the verge of becoming a enemy to Israel, as well, thanks to the renegade leadership that the American people voted into office. I would recommend getting your Bible out and going through this post step by step. I hope this will give some hope to some searching for answers in the troubled times we are in.

God Bless


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