God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge – Hosea 4:6

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you may be no priest to me.” (Hosea 4:6)

Not only God’s people, but also the people of the world are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

If we care about people and their suffering, we should take note of this.

If it matters to us that we could be destroyed, that God’s people could be destroyed, or that the people of the world could be destroyed, we should take note.

The one who rejects knowledge, though he be a priest before God, will be rejected by God.

When you take stock of all the evil and foolish things that exist, both in the world and in the church, you will find that they exist for two main reasons.

The first is the love of money.

The second is a lack of knowledge.

Why is the world going to hell? Why are most people following satanic spirits, even though they don’t know it? The answer is generally: lack of knowledge. People don’t KNOW that their are evil spirits at work in their lives. People don’t REALLY know what their disobedience to God’s Word is costing them, or they would make every effort to find God’s way to overcome sin. They don’t know the promises of God’s Word, or they know them superficially but not at the heart level. People don’t know that their sins are stealing from them the beauty of a closeness with Father God. They don’t fully realise that through sin they are losing life, paradise, peace, joy, their eternal future, their health and more. They are being destroyed through lack of knowledge.

Many people don’t know just how much of what they think and do is SIN before God. They don’t know because they DON’T WANT TO KNOW. It is a spirit of ignorance, and ignorance will cost you DEARLY. It is so in the natural world, and it is more so in the spiritual world.

Some people know certain truths in a superficial way, but don’t apply them because they lack the true heart knowledge of the truth. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”. (John 8:32). The knowledge of the truth Jesus referred to is more than an intellectual assent to truth. It is where you “feel the truth” also. It is a heartfelt, deep conviction concerning the truth. That knowledge will help you.
The personal knowledge of the truth is closely tied to the personal knowledge of Jesus Christ, because Jesus said, “I am … the Truth” (John 14:6). The Truth is a Person.

We have to fight ignorance in ourselves and others. Ignorance is costing us in every way. There are jobs you can’t do because you don’t know how. There are fantastic investments you won’t make because you don’t know the facts. There are opportunities for eternal rewards you are missing because you are not listening to God or you are shutting your eyes. If you are like most people, the food you are eating is poisoning you, will bring on years of chronic disease in later life, and send you to an early grave. Its all because of ignorance. Ignorance is very expensive.

We sleep on, believing that we are safe if we live the way most of our neighbours do, or conform to their ways in many respects, because we think there is safety in numbers. No one will laugh at us, we think, if we are conformed to the world – no one except the devil.

I invite you to break the cycle of ignorance that is hurting you and cheating you in more ways than you can imagine. This site has been developed to empower you and help you succeed in God through the knowledge of the truth.

Let us diligently seek the Lord, and seek the knowledge that He gives, which can be a blessing to us and to those whose lives we affect. Amen.

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