God to heal my facial scars please PRAY for me

Hello I’m a 14 year old girl named Esther and I am suffering from depression of my self-harm scars from my childhood when I was 1 years old I took a blade and damage my Cheek its a very thin line but its long and When i think about 2 years old i banged under my lips just above my chin now these accidents has left scars i didn’t really care on till i was 12 now am 14 . I pray and Fast (Fasting and prayer is one of the most powerful spiritual combinations on earth. True fasting brings humility and alignment with God. It breaks the power of flesh and demons. It kills unbelief and brings answers to prayer when nothing else works) So that god will remove this scars and make them disappear i cry a lot about this but I believe in miracles this scars makes me feel so less confident and sad also ugly. My scars is not very noticeable but when i look in the mirror i feel upset , I don’t like looking in the mirror because when I think I look pretty or ok the demon always remind me of my scars. I was thinking of laser surgery but its only god that can do the impossible. I am called scar face at school and every time someone sits next to my left side i always use my hand to cover the scar because i feel complexed and embarrassed with these clearly visible scars .When people noticed it they always questioned me on how i got it .I have to have more faith so these scars can disappear instantly by the miracle of god as it will help me to become a better Christian. It really harass me 24/7. I feel really sad, my dream is to become a model and Singer/Actress but its in great risk because i have scars on my face I will have to take face shoots and many more that my scar will show …I’m still very young and the sad fact is that my future will be all shattered because of these scars, people will judge me wrongly and my parents every night when i think of these scars i cry till i get sleep i need to be healed I want to live like other normal people and I don’t want these scars to become an obstacle in my life and make me feel unhappy..When some people said they were going through the same thing or its ok to ask god for this I told my mum (she’s a very strong Christian ) about what am doing and at first she said it is stupid and I should just do surgery and wait till am older but then I said is it stupid for a poor man to ask god for a car? Then she said no I guess you can do this, but is my mum right? Is it true that I am being stupid for asking God in heaven to do this? Thank you reading and feel free to add a comment thanks

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