God and the Laws of Physics

We have people like Stephen Hawking coming out and saying that there is no God. What we are being asked to believe is this: before there was a physical Universe, there was something called the "Laws of Physics" and these laws themselves are powerful enough to create a Universe out of nothing.

But what really would give a set of non-physical "laws" the power to actually spontaneously generate a Universe such as the one we live in?

And before the physical universe existed, any such laws had to be non-physical.

Is this a kind of admission from Materialists that non-physical things actually DO exist? That things the eye can't see, and the ear can't hear actually can exist – even without a physical Universe?

It sounds awfully like DEISM to me. Deism is the view that there is an impersonal god who wound up the universe and let it go off like some kind of clockwork.

I have a new name for the god of deism. How about we call it "The Laws of Physics".

Materialists or Physicalists believe that the physical universe is all there really is. 

I'd like to ask such people, without getting too religious, do they believe in the real existence of something like "the number 2"? If they do, is it physical? 

There are many intractable philosophical problems for those who want to rigidly hold to the idea of a Universe or even an unknowable Multiverse which causes people like us to just "pop out" as it were.

Right now, it might just be a kind of "intellectual debate" where you get to be a smart alec, but it won't seem like that when your eternal spirit faces up to God and eternal realities, after your impending death takes place.

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