Giving up Hypnotherapy to Serve God


The Testimony of Sherrie Marshall

Reference Verses:

1 Cor 7:26
Mat 10:8
1 Cor 1:27-28

My name is Sherrie Marshall and I am 35 years old, happily married with 2 children. I personally became born again on Tuesday October 10, 2000. This day has already changed my life in so many wonderful ways.

On Wednesday October 24, 2000 after listening to the word of God on tape I had a bath and while doing so I experienced a revelation. The revelation was to prepare this web site and start spreading the word. I need to include this testimony in order to explain to all new believers that you don't have to be born again for years and years before you start to receive the gifts God has to offer you.

Here is my personal testimony. I had just completed a course in Certified Hypnotherapy and was very excited about getting my new business off the ground. I had already begun to put the business in motion and was starting to feel really bad about the business but the reason for this feeling was unknown to me. Most of my life I felt that there was something I was supposed to do and I could never figure out what it was. I never did not believe in God and Jesus and I always thanked them. I believe that after saving my life in 3 different life threatening situations God must have a plan for me to Glorify Him. But my problem was that I wasn't giving all of myself to God and Jesus fully so I never heard the message from God. Once I became born again and started filling my spirit continually with the Word of God (reading the Bible) the messages started to get through because my heart, soul, spirit and mind were open to receive them.

On Monday October 22, 2000 while driving home from my physio I prayed out loud to God asking him to guide me and tell me what he had planned for me to do in order to Glorify Him (of course asking these questions and all requests to God in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord). Later that day my sister came over to do our daily Bible study reading and she seemed rather distraught. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she had a message from God for me. Well of course I was shocked and let her begin to tell her message. First she asked me if I "was ready to give myself to God and Jesus completely" and I answered "yes." Then she asked "are you willing to sacrifice and be obedient to God in what ever he asks" again I replied "yes." She then took a deep breath and began to tell what had been told to her. God told my sister that the hypnotherapy was a man made science and not of God and that I was not to proceed with this business. He then told her that he had a plan for me and that plan  was to do "Divine Healing." I of course because of my faith agreed immediately to give up the business and God Bless I have a wonderful supportive husband who agreed with my decision. I believe that God has truly spoken to my sister in order for me to receive this message and I feel really Blessed to have the answer to the Calling I knew was always waiting for me.

I am presently filling my spirit with the Word of God everyday and studying anything and everything I can find about divine healing. I believe that God will provide me the necessary information and tools in order for me to glorify Him.

Sherrie Marshall 

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