Forgiveness of sins in Judaism

The Judaism of the Torah no man can follow – because there is no longer any temple for sacrifices. Never forget that the Jewish system was only for a season, and one place in particular. Before Moses, Job, Noah, Enoch, Abraham and the patriarchs had a code of conduct and a law written on their hearts which all Christians today would do well to respect and honor.

One Jewish shopkeeper was asked about this by a Christian – how he could keep the law. The shopkeeper replied that his rabbi said that if a pious Jew just reads the law that relates to the sacrifice out loud, it will be counted as if he had performed the sacrifice.

The Christian then proceeded to help himself to many items in the shop. He listed verbally all the things he was taking and the price. Then he made as if he would walk out without paying.

The Jewish shopkeeper was alarmed. "Hey what are you doing?"

To which the Christian replied: "But you just told me that saying aloud the price was as good as actually paying it!"

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