Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

This is the first part of 14 youtube segments of a documentary by Alex Jones exposing the agenda of the Bilderbergers and other globalists. You can get access to the other segments from youtube itself, just by looking at related videos.

These videos give both a historical and a current perspective on where antichrist humanistic philsophy seems to be leading the world. Of course, it is one man’s view on the subject. We don’t know exactly what is discussed in these elite circles. But the things we do see coming out are a cause for concern. And this video gives us plenty to think about.

I am not advocating that we make it our purpose to try to “save America” or even “save the world” from the oncoming tyranny. If you want to build paradise on earth without Jesus, you have misunderstood the true nature of God and eternity. But these kinds of videos make it clear that this present world system will not continue on forever in its current form. I recommend you make it your business to enter God’s Eternal Kingdom, and have less allegiance to any of the kingdoms of this world, which are passing away. Invest your life in God’s Kingdom – this present world system is doomed and under the judgment of God.

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