Does any one have faith

Back in March of 2010 when banks,companies,big industries were all closing their doors I started up my minestry.So many relatives and friends said it will never work because our econemy is so bad that how will you survive.Than in October of 2010 I came with another book.Well I am in shock myself but for almost a year now every time this minestry has had any needs God has come through.I am getting ready to put on my conferance and I needed more of my own books to have on hand and I needed the money and I just recieved another good size love offering.Plus people who have been sowing in to my minestry let me know they are being blessed.God has silenced all the mocking but many people in the minestry or just in life asked me what are you doing to succeeed considering your not begging for money and I tell people that God directs my steps and God speaks to people.I give God 100% credit for my books being bought on an international level and for this minestry.So let me encourage any one reading this,if God is speaking to you and you know it step out in faith.See because I know a man that is like me in my situation every one laughed and said you cant start up a company noww and his business is sky rocketing.When minestries contact me and ask what I am doing,I tell people I am living by faith.So please seek the fathers heart and come in to his gates with praises because God is so awesome.Be blessed Tim

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