Divorce and letting go

My husband had had a 4 year affair. He is not saved. When I found out I was devastated and begged him to stay for at least 6 month without contacting the Other Woman. He stayed but did not stop seeing her. Long story short, he left me 2 years ago and has been living with her. I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to restore my marriage. We are in the process of divorcing but my husband wont settle – he wants to take our home from me (and our three children) and to pay minimal child support. The court ordered him to pay a reasonable child support and this incurred his wrath and now he wants to sell our home. I have been in limbo for a year now with this going on and not being settled. He wont BUDGE. I am now fasting and praying for God to soften his heart for him to let us go as this is simply too much for us. I mean he is living with the other woman (who divorced her husband for mine). I just am growing weary now as I dont see anything moving.

Also I am lonely. My pastor has told me that I cant have any relationships as I am still legally married. I did meet someone but we have agreed to not move forward (and have cut contact – so there will be no temptation) but I feel I am living in limbo.

I have prayed for God to break this stronghold over me as I cant go on anymore. 4 years has been too much and I just find myself, praying, fasting, drawing near to God but still waiting for a miracle.

I know it is “in God’s time” but I am broken and battling.

Does God want me to just sign what my husband has proposed when it would negatively accept my children or do I wait?

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