Disturbing sore throat and cold symptoms

I’ve had a sore throat since friday night and as my family doctor’s office not open on the weekend I thought I’d see how I go oever the weekend.

I’ve been lookig after myself, honey & lemon drinks, chicken soup. Usually for a bit of a sore throat/runny nose this would help.

Symptoms seemed to ease on Monday so I thought OK won’t go to the doctor. Night time came and all my syptoms flared up. Both sides of my throat swollen, slight fever, voice affected (can hardly talk) and felling really bad. Distressed because trying to cough up phlegm at the moment is very difficult with swollen glands on both sides and it is making feel like I’m gagging when I do.

Let’s just say this is the strangest throat thingy with runny nose I’ve ever had and very uncomfortable. I am able to breath so that’s good. It’s past midnight I’ve had a few hours of rest but I was woken up with fever and other symptoms. I’ve worse than when I went to bed.

Please pray for me. I am definetly going to the doctor’s in the morning. No use in trying an overnight medical centre or Hospital Emergency they are both likely to be staffed by inexperienced doctors.

Tryng not to panick. Got the heater on in the loungeroom and being in a warm room has helped calm down my symptoms. Might try and sleep here for rest of night.

Meanwhile need prayer if you can spare the time to hold me up to the Lord.

I’ve been trying to pray for myself but I’m just so distressed right now.


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