Democrats win House

Well according to this CNN article the Democrats in the US have won the House in Congress and are almost certainly going to win the Senate. So now the Republicans cannot push their legislation through without co-operation from the other party. Both Republicans and Democrats are interested in expanding the beast of secular government, so as believers we need to be watchful and prayerful. If this election results have dashed the hopes of evangelical Christians in having influence in the policy-making of the Beast of US government, I say this is very good, because our hope should not be in a political party but only in God Almighty, who has revealed himself in Jesus Christ. Jesus is still on the throne. He gives us the government we deserve. If the people of God will be so filled with God’s Word and Spirit through obedience to the truth as to be the salt and light that God desires, we may yet see mercy in the nation of America and in other nations as well.

U.S. Politics concerns us all because U.S. foreign policy has a massive influence on the way the world goes. I’m not American, but having spent the early years of my childhood in the States, I feel a close connection. In any event, we need to realize that it is prayer that changes things and not trust in politicians, most of whom are liars. The true church of God CAN exercise dominion on its knees. By prayer I do not mean events like political prayer breakfasts in which hypocrites are assigned places of honor and nice little poems are offered to God on a full stomach. I mean really getting down and entering into God’s presence for extended periods where you can feel God’s heart and you can petition Him concerning the issues of that concern Him. This kind of prayer, where we love God’s presence and wait before Him for extended periods, will change history. So we should not be discouraged. If our trust is in man, we will be disappointed, but if our trust is in God, we can see a great move of the Spirit of God. But let us remember that the Holy Spirit is first of all the Spirit of Truth before He is the Spirit of Power. The Holy Spirit will exercise His power in the cause of Truth, however inconvenient it may be to us.

Are we committed to praying for the government leaders? The Word of God commands us to, and God can soften and convict anyone, if we are prepared to be the holy people of God we are called to be.

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