Confused on idolatry and catholicism?

It’s me again 😀
…Ive been reading some post’s regarding idolatry and i’ve come to a conclusion that catholics might be considered the most “idolaters”.

I’M CATHOLIC…BUT…am starting to see idolatry in my denomination and I disagree with it.

A few questions…

1)”Basilica of Guadalupe” in Mexico City
-Literally thousands of people have claimed to have prayed to her and received miracles from her. I’ve seen and heard testimonies about her and how this Virgin Mary has helped people. IM CONFUSED! HELP ME!
If it’s really that bad to pray to an image, than how ON EARTH can people claim to receive miracles from praying to her.?! How can people be able to recover from diseases, walk again, and even change their life…by praying and having faith to her???…Isn’t God the one you’re supposed to have ALL your faith within???

-I once was praying to God for a pd. of 9 days for peace within my relationship (due to the fact there was a certain person stalking and bothering my girl so MUCH)…so at the 8th or 9th day, i was in the church praying, and before I exited, I saw the image of the Virgin Of Guadalupe, (desperate me,) I went over and prayed to her (I did not bow down) I explained how desperate I was for God to hear me, and If he actually was going to help me, and when would my prayers be answered, and if she did exist to help me(I was crying b/c I was so desperate) AND I SWEAR…i heard a voice in my head tell me in spanish
“Paciencia hijo mio, paciencia.Dios te escucha.” which means :”Patience my son, have patience.God hears you.” I WAS SHOCKED! I was beginning to lose faith in God, but when I hear her, I DID NOTlose my faith, on the contrary, my faith in HIM was much stronger!

If it’s REALLY that bad to pray to an image of the Virgin Mary,then why would I hear her telling me in my head to be patient with God for he’ll answer my prayers…MIRACOUSLY-or-COINCIDENTALLY…a few days later my girl told me the guy that was bothering her, went back to Mexico. So there I had my peace that I had so been asking for from God… 🙂

….GOD DID HEAR MY PRAYERS. FOR I WAS PRAYING SO DESPARATE TO >HIM<..AND I JUST ASKED AN IMAGE OF THE VIRGIN MARY FOR HELP...AND SHE GAVE ME THE ADVICE...AND A FEW DAYS LATER MY PRAYERS WERE INDEED ANSWERED. ALSO....! I have a friend whose mother had passed away and he was confused to as of whether or not praying to saints and mary for help is bad...and he was in a deep emotional mess b/c of that. and he too claims and swears that his mom appeared to him and told him that he should not be confused, for the saints and mary are there to help us, and that God never abandon us.....SO PRAYING TO SAINTS AND THE VIRGIN MARY ISNT BAD...OR IS IT? YOU SEE...IM SO CONFUSED ON THIS MATTER!!!!!!!!!! Is praying to an image bad or not?!?!?!? If it is bad...then MY experience within the church with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe...would have NOT told me to be patient with God for he indeed is listening to me...AND if it was bad then my friend's mother wouldnt have revealed ot him that message... And there again...i go confused 🙁

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