Brokenhearted Girl from Hyderabad receives Christ

This is a letter received on 21st April, 2001 from a college student
named Miss.Saraswathi from Hydrabad City in Andra Pradesh State of India.
The only editing changes have been to do with some spelling changes and punctuation errors – MF

Dear Pastor David,

First of all I convey my best wishes and loving greetings in the sweet
Name of Saviour Jesus Christ.

I met you on 15th march, 2001 in Kanyakumari-Madras Express Train. It is
true that we did not get much time for conversation, but however, the
christian counselling I received from you was quite capable to convert me
from my sinful life, and furthur, the final prayer you made pierced my
heart. From that day onwards I began to live a faithful life to my Lord
Jesus Christ, by living a holy life reading the Holy Bible and Praying
every day.

I hope my testimony will help in converting many young students from
sinful life to a Holy Christian Life.

My name is Miss.Saraswathy. I am a college student studying in the 2nd
year in B.E.Course. I belong to a Brahmin Hindu family. My parents
praticsed me in Idol worship. My family is well to do and so I do not
experinced poverty and suffering, as I am the only daughter of my parents, they
loved me so much, everything I wanted from them was given to me.

During this period I happened to come in contact with a young man, he
was older than me by two years,at that time I was studying in 12th
standard in the school and he was in his second year in the college. I know
my parents will not agree with this love because I am a Hindu Bramin, but
he was a hindu of some other caste. Thus ,our love prospered day by day, I
loved him whole heartedly with out my parents knowledge,as he was poor
comparitively, I used to help him with all my pocket money which was
given to me by my parents.

As soon as I passed 12th standard from my school, I joined in a college
for my higher studies,I took B.E,Electronics and Communication as my
main subject, because my boy friend is the same stream in his 3rd year, I
am wantering to make more contacts with him using this oppertunity, my
college life seems more free from studies and parents, so I spend more
time with him,so far I could not get any chance to understand his internal

One day I got a Chance to open his bag when we were in a park. I was
terribbly shocked when seeing the intoxicating drugs,cigarettes and 2
photos of rich young girls and several letters exchanged by those
girls. This incident made me to cut off his love and relation.

He pretented to love me for two years,but it was a real cheat to get
money from me. When I realised it,I cried bitterly and stopped giving him
money after cutting my relation with him, and I met those 2 rich girls
with whom he had contact and revealed to them about his cheat, so they
too neglected him.

This made him so angry and he entered my class room with his friends
when I was alone and tried to torture me. He could not do any
thing, because the watcherman of the college appeared in the scene. All of
them ran away seeing the watcherman.

Therefore I came to a conclusion that there will be no safety for me in
this college and went home depressed and grieved. I did no reveal any of
this incidents to my parents, but just told them that I did not like to
continue my studies there. So they got admission for me in another
college with in a week.

My life in the new college began to grow bad to worse. I could realise
that my co-students were addict to drugs. I too began to use drugs in
order to set right my mental strain caused by my love failure and
worry. Not only with drugs I also addicted to the Cyber sex. I was in front
of the computer for whole night,and thus my life was more worse than ever

As soon as this news reached to my parents through my friends,they were
worried and distressed too much and they beleived that relief from this
fatal pratice could be obtained by pilgrimages to hindu temples of
Varanasi(Banaras),Rameswaram and Kanyakumari.

Accordingly they pre-planned a trip to those places,we went to
Varanasi(Banaras) first,then to Rameswaram and finally to Kanyakumari. But
the pity thing is the idol worship and holy baths in that places of
pilgrimage could not do any good to me. Finally we returned from Kanyakumari
to Hydradbad via Madras. We meet you in Kanyakumari-Madras Express Train
which you borded in Nagercoil town.

Pastor David through your Convertation you have clearly explained the
Way of Salvation through Jesus Christ. I could clearly understand,
believe and experinced that my sinful life has transformed through Lord
Jesus Christ. I believe His blood in calvary cleaned all my lusts and sins, I
beleive in His Death and Resurrection on the third day and I am
experiencing this every day in my life with a great peace and consolation in
my mind. My parents along with me also beleives that Jesus Christ is the
only way for salvation and He is the only living God.

Our Heart-felt thanks for the free Bible,Bible study Book and many
Christian Counselling Pamplets for youth. It is very much useful in
improving my faith as well as my parents faith in Jesus Christ. Now I am
totally set free and my mind is over flowing with peace and happiness. I am
praying and crying for my friends to beleive Jesus Christ.

My mind grows with a great passion to serve to Jesus in this only
life. The last lesson in your Bible study book: ‘How to live for God’ is pulling
me to preach the unchangeble powerful word among the people deserving
salvation. Please keep in touch. I am praying for your Christian instution
and all the missionaries working with you to spread this powerful word
of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

Pastor David,we enclosed a Cheque for 10,000 Rupees a Gift for your
Christian work,please accept it and you are always welcome to spend time
with us when you come to Hydrabad.

Thank you,Thank you.

Your dear sister,


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