Breast Cancer Healed through Fasting and the Power of God

For seven months before coming
to the prayer mountain, I could not
eat and was unable to walk. If I
drank even a little bit of water, I
would vomit and cough so that I
could not stand up. My heartbeat
was weak and I was taking many
different kinds of Chinese medicine
to try to make it stronger. I received countless injec-
tions, but each was effective for only a short while.

I was in great despair
when I learned that I had
cancer of the breast. My
relatives were also
worried and gave me
much advice. They
suggested that I go to
Seoul, where there are more modern medical facilities.
So I arrived in Seoul on March 7th and entered the
hospital. I spent much time and money for the ex-
amination and was told that I had an advanced case of
breast cancer. They said there was no hope except
through surgery.

I did not want an operation and thought that I
would rather die than have one. When I decided
against an operation, my heart was at peace. I com-
plained one day because I had six radiation treatments
while other patients had just one. Then the head resi-
dent doctor told me that my cancer could not be healed
through radiation.

Ten years before, I had experienced the healing
touch of God for the first time. Five years before that
my feet had begun to have inflammation in the joints
and I entered the hospital. Just before I was to undergo
an operation, I remembered the words of the Bible
recorded in John 11. Lazarus had died and Jesus was
arriving at the house. As Martha greeted Jesus she
said, “If you had been here, my brother would not
have died.” I cancelled the operation and returned
home. When I was carried back to the car, my family
was in much sorrow, but my heart was full of faith and
I earnestly sought the Lord. That night I listened to the
voice of the Lord through His Word. “And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him and Jesus saith unto them, ‘Believe ye that 1 am able to
do this?’ They said unto him, ‘Yea Lord'” (Matthew
9:28). As I read this Scripture my feet were completely
healed. After that I dedicated myself to God and serv-
ed Him even in the small things.

So it was while I was in the hospital that day, a
pastor visited me and suggested that I go ask Pastor
Yonggi Cho to lay hands upon me and pray for my
healing. I went to the church and was able to meet
Pastor Cho. He asked me about my disease and laid
hands on me and said, “Let’s pray to our God.” By
faith I continued to follow Pastor Cho’s instructions.
The doctors and my family looked at me with doubt in
their hearts at my decision to trust God to heal me.
I went to the prayer mountain with my sister to fast
for seven days. On the fourth day of my fast, the Lord
completely healed me. Hallelujah! I give thanks to God
for His mercy and I give Him all the glory. I have
rededicated my life to serve and worship my Lord.

-Chang Sung Yu
570 Hyunli Ku, Samkyo up
Yeison Gun, Chang Nam, Korea

Fasting Key to Power

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