Black Magic and Demonic Possession are Real

     It is difficult to believe unless you have been through it that demonic possession and black magic are very real phenomenon.


     Anyone can become possessed by demons and spirits. Black magic is one way this is accomplished. ANYONE can be affected by these problems. In fact, most people are. The idea that Christians cannot become afflicted by demonic possession is a total fallacy.But finding out how to get healed of this issues, well, this is the major problem.


     People who have been involved with Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, magic practices and other religious concepts are often possessed by evil and do not even know it. Your life may turn out to be a total disaster, yet the truth that you are possessed remains elusive. This is a tragedy, but is due mostly to a lack of real understanding to how the dark side works. 


     Whether you are or are not possessed, or whether you will be a victim of black magic is not determined by the fact that you were born to a Christian family and were baptized when you were a child. It is determined by your actions and obedience to God.


     Many Christians believe that they are not able to become possessed by demons, but this is an erroneous and very dangerous belief system.


     It is true, that if you are a following Jesus and obeying the laws of the Bible, and are at all times “right” with God and forgiven for all mistakes, then it is very true that no demonic or spirit entity has access to you. But all it takes is one sin, one mistake, to create a spiritual opening in you that can allow demons and spirits to enter and leave the openings for black magic to fall upon you. This is the reason why it is so important to always be in a state of forgiveness and sanctification with the Lord.


     As soon as you have erred, you need to admit to God that what you have done was a mistake and ask for forgiveness. 


     Each time a disobedience to God is committed, I do not even like the word sin since it has so much negative feeling to it, no matter how big or small that disobedience is, it is an opening for demons and spirits to enter. 


     It requires awareness on our part to see when our thoughts, words, actions, and deeds may be allowing for these openings. 


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