Beware of date setting and casting lots

Recently I drew attention to the prophecy of Dr David Uwuor concerning an impending tsunami and earthquake to hit the east coast and north west of Australia respectively. I made it clear that Dr Uwuor did not set a date, however, there were other people who had received various messages and confirmations that there would be earthquakes and tsunamis around the coasts bordering the Pacific ocean on September 3 (USA time).

The young man who worked hard to promote these messages concerning September 3 with the alias “weatherbill” has issued a public apology at . I admire his humility in acknowledging that these messages he promoted were in fact FALSE.  There are ways to deceive the followers of prophetic messages even when the prophecies fail. For evidence of that, all you have to do is look at the history of the Seventh Day Adventist movement, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons (Latter Day Saints). Thankfully weatherbill has not made the same kind of error as these organisations’ founding members did, and has acknowleged his error.

He could have tried to point to the Earthquake in Christchurch as a fulfilment of his prophecy, since it did happen exactly at the time he was speaking of, but he did not do that. Kudos for that.

If you look at the site: which we are told will be taken down soon, I think it is very interesting to see how sincere Christians CAN be deceived by various kinds of improbable “signs” and “confirmations”. This is a very useful warning for everyone who looks for “fleeces” and so on to determine the mind of God today.

I would especially urge young people to beware of laying out “fleeces” or asking for specific confirmations concerning the person they should marry. God MIGHT give such confirmations (and I believe on rare occasions he does), but the devil can also give confirmations for courses of action which are unwise.

We need to have more solid reasons for our actions than the presence of supernatural “confirmations”. Ultimately, our challenge is to know the Holy Spirit and His voice and learn by experience the way God speaks with us. The Holy Spirit will not confirm a course of action which is contrary to the revealed will of God in the  Scriptures. For example, He won’t urge you to divorce your current (unsatisfactory) spouse so that you can marry this wonderful person you recently met. When people do that, they are deceived by their own hearts or by demonic spirits.

I think the lesson people can learn from this is not to trust date setting prophecies. This principle has been illustrated again and again. Of course, it IS possible that God will reveal a date. T.B. Joshua seems to get specific dates for certain events in his revelations from God, and he seems to get it right. However, its almost impossible to know for sure if such a date setting prophecy  is right until AFTER that date passes.

I myself do believe that massive judgment is looming over Australia, even greater than what just happened in Christchurch, N.Z. The exact dates of such a judgement I really don’t know. I don’t even know if it will happen within a year or two. But one thing I observed is that when Dr Uwuor prophesies coming judgement it usually does not take that long to come to pass. Another thing we can note is that we are entering a season of more and more natural disasters. Earthquakes and tsunamis are becoming more common. I for one would not invest in coastal or low lying real estate.

As I stated before, Dr Uwuor did not mention any specific dates for these judgments. I mentioned this on my facebook pages also.

For now, our prayers must be with all those who are suffering around the world because of natural disasters and we must be sure that we are in a place of submission to God and His will in our lives.



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