Satan , demons and Hell No Laughing matter !!

i wanted to share this story with others
i always wondered why some christians will see angels and demons
and others dont ?

i still dont have the answer maybe its just discernment? but i can testify to that they are REAL
i was in my home in 1998 and it was a year before i was to find out my soon to be ex husband was going to leave me for another woman . He was using drugs and drinkin, and his abuse was getting worse , not just with me but with my daughters who were 16,15,11 at the time.

A unique way to reach the lost for Jesus

Hi i wanted to share a site with you
its filled with tracts ” not the one page type tracts that people usually dont read

this man is Jack Chick
a cartoonist
he creates these flip type cartoon books about Salvation
in all kinds of areas too
drugs, alcohol, lonliness, false religions and even the end times

they are great for giving a friend or just leaving them in a bathroom in a public place or the library too

they are great for people that have a hard time telling others about Jesus
and not being offended .

a dance with the devil

i am a former exotic dancer
that was a alcoholic and drug abuser
from the age of late 20s till age 40 !

we need to Expose Satan and his little white lies
the alcohol was a slow poison was added to my dance rountine
and it was slowly killing me !

but God had other plans for my life
please read my testimony
and share it with others

i am now 46
and this is my deepest passion
to win the lost for Jesus in the adult industry and the nightclubs
others will read this and laugh or take it lightly
but Satan is out to hurt, kill and destroy you

what Satan dont want you to know

i have wanted to share my testimony with others about how GOD has transformed my life from the most darkest of times to finally finding the Truth beneath all the lies and deception Satan will use to trap Anyone into his Lair. At first i was like ” oh Debra how can you tell everyone about all the bad you did ?” ” wont that make you look bad in others eyes?”

a dance with the Devil

Everywhere you look
you see them , bars , nightclubs , the party life it all seems to be so happy and everyone is having a good time ?

But deep beneath the surface of the alcohol
the late night strip clubs with all the glitz and glamor
and money seems to come from nowhere !

I have decided to share this story as a testimony
on how GOD change a life and take the worst situation
and create beauty for the ashes

i was in my late 20s when i fist got involved in the night clubs
i was going through a divorce , raised 3 kids and went to church

I met a angel face down on a dirty nightclub bathroom floor !

I am a living walking breathing testimony of how GOD can change a life

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