No Obstacle Too Great

 No Obstacle Too Great


By: Mino Pavlic

No obstacle too great.—My personal testimony.

As a first time writer, especially when in words of non fiction, I find myself assuming an even greater measure of accountability in their structure.

No obstacle too great-Miracle or Revelation

As a first time writer, I believe that I have written an extraordinary work of non-fiction, for I have truly lived an unimaginable life. There is nothing glamorous about this story, and I make no excuses, “No obstacle too great” invites you on a riveting roller coaster ride, as it’s a journey through a life that has been nothing short of a shattered and tormented existence, which in its wake of forty-six years, has transformed itself by the Grace of God, from the unimaginable, to the extraordinary.
“I have faced many obstacles throughout my life,and none of it really mattered !