Learning to Say Farewell!!!

Goodbye to you my Christian Neighbors,

Choosing god or Truth

Shalom! I was very religious for most of my life and I stayed in communication with several Christians. But I was never quite in THE TRUTH, I was myself a Christian the whole time. But the truth remained hidden from me although I thought I was in the light the sad fact was that I was only looking at the light while standing at a distance in the darkness.
You see Christianity is false Christian ministers are false The Rapture is False and the name JESUS CHRIST is false!!!

Coming Out of Babylon!

Rev. 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven saying “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye recieve not of her plagues.”

The woman or”her” is Mystery Babylon. and The Mystery Babylon is The United states of America. The people of the Most High are Israyl. Israyl mainly consists of so called Africans in the US and most of the Americas (Carribean etc.) The Name of the Most High is YAH and His Son is Yahoshua our Salvation. It does not really matter who is black or white or latino, and so on. What matters is the The U.S sees the truth.

How do I bring Truth?

Yesterday I did my final project in my (CIS 120)Computer Information Systems 120 class. The final exam was a Microsoft Office Power Point presentation on any topic of my choice. In my final exam I tried to give an “overview” of the Book of Revelation.

Please Do Pray for Me

I just don’t know everything about what is coming, or what has already come, and what is now here. I have not always acted as a good Christian in life. I fear that I might just sin some time in the future. Sometimes I fear that I could be the “pottery intended for the potter’s hate”. I have tried to get answers to many things, but I may not have tried hard enough. I have commited every sin in the Book and I fear that I could panic as I have in times passed about the things that I know are coming on this world.

Urgent need of !!!

I have come to realize that is much division within the Body of Christ. So I will get to the point as it is an urgent request. Please brothers and sisters join together with me in praying for YHWH to send a Prophet to help us? We are in an urgent need for a true prophet of God to come, who can guide us to the truth and show us YHWH’s instructions for us and help prepare us for the times to come. We need a true prophet who can help bring unity to the greatly divided Children of YHWH (GOD)! Please pray with me?

God Bless!

The Isa vs Jesus

I just read an article that states:

Jesus will return to live for 40 years to defeat the Anti-Christ and then die.

This is supposed to be all Muslims belief…So how should I as a Christian refute, reproof, or rebuke this false prophecy?

Of course I should say that Jesus already died for our sins, but Muslims argue that the sacrafice was unecessary or invalid. So how can I show Muslims the light.

Mind troubles from the wind

People are easily guided down the wrong path all around me. Men and women teach themselves for the truth the idol gods of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia, India, and other places. They are too familiar with the materialistic mammon based life-style. There is great division among those who I am supposed to call brethren. I am told I must look for a mate, and I need one; Why can’t I just be a eunuch for God? Drugs and drug users are all around me, and ignorance is listened to more than wisdom among the people. God hates astrology yet the world loves it.

The day 12/21/12???

I have been studying and watching to see those and that which shows the coming of Our Lord. I believe as sad as it sounds that we are entering the Great Tribulation period. And I have a pretty good feeling that some forces in this world are planning to unveil their own plans in the year 2012.
I came across someone saying that according to the Mayan Calender 2012 December 12th is the day that the known world was supposed to end. As I looked into I gained a feeling that certain forces would and will try to make this so.

The truth concerning the ‘Wicked’

The system of the world that all of us live in is (as all believers should know) is run by the Devil himeself.

But what if there was a bigger problem in all this that we faced. What if people, many people, were inhabited by thie Devil and his messengers? What if all the world believed on a lie and truly lived a lie in the midst of all the civil nations and civilization attempts? What if all the world unknowingly were slaves and housing for the true wicked?

In all truth, this is the case!

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