How I Met JESUS,My Love

I met Jesus , the Love of my life , more than five years ago. But before coming to that point , let me tell you how I got there , by telling you about my earlier life . My name is Habib BLAYO , born on October 23 , 1973 in N’djamena , Chad , Africa . From a very early age , I made a habit of lying to get attention , and lying became to me as natural as breathing , to the point where I could not even differentiate between my lies and reality . Throughout the years , in spite of all my parents’ efforts to correct me , I stayed on that track .

Love is The Prerequisite

Astonishingly , many Christians are struggling with the question of knowing how to please the One who enabled them to stand once more in the presence of Almighty God without shame . And the answer is quite simple : Love! Love is what Jesus expects us to carry around in our hearts and minds at all times .

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