Why, How and What

I ask you all to answer these four question and to reply with your honest answer as i’m asking myself these same question i will post my reply later. Can anyone who read this reply.

Here are the four question

Why am I a Christian
How do i see myself as christian
How do i see Christianity as a whole
What do i do as a believer to show my faith and trust in Jesus Christ

Nations, Kingdoms and Ideas

Does a Nation stop being a nation because the founding member/members have died?
Have England, America, Canada, and Egypt Stop being these noted countries up today as result of their founding members dying, we already know the answer to this question which is NO. So if these countries still exist and have claims of greatness how much greater is the Kingdom of God on earth, has not our founding member been raised from the dead and is he now alive for evermore.


For men find value in Gold and Precious Stones but I will say that Jesus who is the word of God is more valuable than any of these stones and gold. I will use the comparison to these items to show men how God showed me how to value the word of God the precious word of God. His words never rise and fall in value; his words are not affected by economic conditions. His words are priceless no man can offer any amount of money to purchase his words or favour.

Listed Below is some phrases that God, give to me about the how to value and look at his words.

Fill with Food and Words

Food fills a mans stomach! But the words of his lips or another persons lips fills him with anger, pride, contentment, sadness, joy, wisdom, hope, peace, faith, fear, courage, boldness etc.

Be careful what you speak to yourself and what conversions you allow yourself to be part of.

Dream (Truth)

I don’t usually write anything about what God says to me in dreams but here i go i’m facing one of my fears.
The dream went like this:
There was three persons in the dream one woman and two men they were discussing history and what was thought about it. Everything they said showed on the television that was next to them. What stood out was that they were talking about world war 2 the most but there account of events and opinions where different according to the information they had received or what information they had been exposed.


How can a man lead when he is not willing to follow?
How can a man lead when he is not willing to sever others?
How can a man lead when he is not a good listener?
How can a man lead when no one is willing to follow?

The eyes of a leader sees many things but doesn’t speak about them, the ears of a leader hears many things but doesn’t respond in wrath. A leader knows many secrets but never reveals them. A leader always shows mercy but judges with a fair hand.

To Trust or To Love

Enemies attack you, only friends can betray you! So is it better to love and not expect anything in return cause to trust means an expectation of man that he will always do what is right by you. But to think such is the heart of a fool and not of a wise man. Did not Jesus love Judas and was he not betrayed by him and did he not love Peter and was betrayed by him. He knew he would of been betrayed but he loved any way, Love doesn’t live with the expectation that man is perfect.

Getting old But not Maturing

Have you not heard that the child you were is the adult you are today.
Have not your mother or father told you, that you are still stubborn as when you were a child, every man and woman has to come to realization that you must give up your childish habits and behaviours to become a mature adult. Everyone must get old everyone doesn’t mature.

Live to die or Die to Live

What Do You Sound Like

Your face tells your races but your tongue tells who you are and what you are.

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