my testimony of spiritually escaping the Apostate Christian church. WARNING to other Christians, who believe their saved, may not be after all! All TV preachers are not saved and DO NOT have the spirit of truth with them! they preach a different gospel that sounds like the bible but is not. Their carnal mind mixed with holy scriptures. The bible says, that the carnal mind of man is an enemy of God. Therefore having such a mind gives Satan dominion to come as an angel of light to deceive man and his ways. I was in the Christian church for over 20 years.

I want To be in God’s Glory

Hello everyone,I’m robelyn graciano from the philippines im 21 but turning 22 this coming october 18, 2010… well about myself, I’m a type of person who’s always committe a wrong doings, I disrespect my parents, I’m always the daughter who wants more than I expected, In short I’m a rebellious Child a blacksheep in our family.. although I know everytime I made a wrong doings I know that there will always be a consequences,and that is why My life is miserable..

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