Does the SDA fulfill the meaning of Cult?

Is the Seventh-day Adventist Church a Cult?
By Robert K. Sanders

Definition of a cult and fulfilled by Ellen G. White and the SDA Church.

1. A leader or group of leaders, prophet, prophetess, that claims to speak for God.

Fulfillment: Ellen G.


We indict Seventh-Day Adventism on four main counts, leaving out lesser (though none the less false) theories.

Indictment #1 – Attitude Towards the Atonement
Seventh-Day Adventism denies the Biblical Doctrine of the Atoning Sacrifice of Christ as the only means of man’s salvation.

This is the first serious indictment. We shall prove it from Mrs. White’s own writings, so that we may not be accused of misrepresentation or exaggeration:

The ministration of the priests throughout the year in the first apartment of the sanctuary (which sanctuary Mrs.

Touch not my anointed?

http://www. letusreason .org/ Pent47.htm

(no free links to sites I don’t like – MF)

I challenge all who say this phrase to read this whole article through prayerfully and with an open mind and heart.

Loyalty is a good thing if it is for the right purpose and for truth.

Huge Perversions of the SDA Clear Bible

Seventh Day Sabbath

This clearly shows how Seventh Day Adventists Bible that they use is a clear violation of true text. It does not get any more clear than this. The sad part is many people get brainwashed in the perversion. I pray that they let go. If a SDA can not read this and see how badly altered the scriptures are in order to make their false doctrine “real” and “fit” what they are saying, then there is no intellectual honesty on their part.

It is a sad predicament. If you remain quiet, then you agree with them and they can not find their way out of this cult.

America is Evil?

I saw on the site here some of the most ignorant things I have heard in awhile. Of course it had to do with these “great conspiracy” concepts that somehow our government was involved in 911.

The stories go from no planes were involved to bombs being planted in the buildings. This is just about too stupid to even bring up. We have had 50 plus years of Socialist garbage in our newspapers, Tv and in all of our education systems that we have come to the point where common sense just is not very practical these days because some marxist thinks he can speak and do for you.

Some Bible Translations to avoid

No this is not a pitch for the KJames. It is an example of how some versions or translations are very poor. If I would pitch for any it would be the New American Standard.

The first one to watch out for is Eugene Petersons New Age Bible called the Message.


this is an awesome article from “The Sacred Sandwhich”

If you are planning to go through the 40 Days of Purpose, individually or with a group, do not be influenced by the subtle pressure to accept Warren’s teachings and Bible references at face value. Whether it takes 40 days or 40 months, test everything in this study against God’s sacred word.

Confession of sin, is it for Christians?

NOTE FROM SITE AUTHOR: Just about everything written by Tropical_Guy is dangerous heresy and what you find below is one of the worst and most spiritually DANGEROUS. I may decide to delete this article. Its a fine line sometimes between allowing others to contribute and creating a platform for dangerous heresies to spread. I am putting in a few comments here to show why I disagree.

what is the Full Armor of God

It is simply Jesus Christ. He is everything mentioned regarding the Full Armor of God. Abide in him. The battle is already won. The battle is the Lords. Nt by might, not by Power but by my Spirit says the Lord.

Christianity is not Performance or acrued

You are saved by grace and not by any works that you should boast. Those are hard words for people to hear that feel like they should have to be doing something. Its normal to feel that way.

The parable of the workers is a prime example of sour puss Christianity. The people worked all day in the field and were paid their agreed upon wage. Then of course comes along another person who gets there late and gets paid the same wage because that was the agreement with the owner. Then the others get upset.

Another is the actions of the Prodigal Son.

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