Holding on with the promise long been foretold

I really like this site because here I can say all the things that I wanted to say. I think I am so blessed that God has bestowed graces and gifts upon me. I am very much thankful to him because he always protects me and I can really feel that he loves me so much. The moment I accepted Him into my life He told me that I am His Princess and no man will ever claim me unless he ask Him for my hands, and I believed Him saying that. Now I am so happy that He preserved me, He made me pure, clean and he Love me. I am so much happier now that He has also fulfilled His promise to me.

Dilema of a long distance love

How sad it is to be so far away from the person you love the most. everyday you will caught yourself so helpless because you cannot do anything but just dream and wish he’s in your side. Every time you wanted to hold that someone your heart will be filled with sadness because of the fact that you cannot even see that person on that very moment, how much more to hold him/her and hug or cuddle?

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