If an apostle is one who saw Jesus and walked with him, does that mean ppl who call themselves apostles and prophets/prophetess’ are false? Im trying to understand some thing…..

water baptism questions

i had been baptized about 12 years ago. @ that time i didnt really know what it meant. i was a teen and my father suggested i do it. a few months ago i was saved and joined a church. he asked if i had been baptized and i said yes. he said i didnt need to do it again. is water baptism necessary in order to be saved and go to Heaven?

Online Bible Studies anyone?

Hello, does anyone know of any good online bible study guides? Thanks in advance.

Why do I have these thoughts even after being saved. Will I ever be free of them???

Ever since I got saved 2 months ago I have been ever aware of my sinful past. I understand once I accepted Christ God forgave past and present sins. I believe my issue is that I need to accept I have been forgiven. I am a 30 year old woman and I have 2 young children whom I love very much. I am constantly aware of my past sin, doing things that I knew were wrong, getting caught up in an alternative lifestyle in which I no longer practice and I find myself becoming disgusted @ those things and wonder if He has really forgiven me for those things.


Hello, I new to this site and so far Im liking it. Just wanted to say hi. I just got saved about 2 months ago and Im adjusting to this new life. I was a mental, angry wreck and it was affecting my relationships especially with my children and it is still a battle but thanks be to the Lord and his son Jesus I am no longer a slave to my anger, sin, attitudes.

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