On My Way

Words can’t describe the change that has occured within myself. I was so lost before, so empty, so alone. And so ungrateful and spoiled. I had all these things that many go without, and I couldn’t see it. I was searching for something, for anything, to fill this void I felt in my heart, and I had no idea why. Then one day my now mentor, wrote to me on myspace and asked me to join her youth bible study every week, and possibly her church services. And I did. I struggled with a relationship with God. I struggled with doing what was right, and believing His Word.

Please pray for my deployed husband and my baby girl

Hello everyone,

Letting go of the past

   I have been through a lot in my short life. Seeing my parents fight and hit eachother, being hit a lot as a kid, was molested by my older sisters friend, saw my mother go through severe depression and certain days she acted like she didn’t know who we were. At 11 years old I had to grow up and help care for my mother, and take care of myself.

New on this site

Hello everyone!



My mentor from my church keeps insisting that I do not partake in any traditions on halloween or allow my daughter to partake in them either. My family was never very religious when I was growing up, and I have always felt that we were “non-practicing” Christians, if you will. As a kid, I always dressed up as a princess or something cute like that, and went trick-or-treating. We also had halloween festivals at my schools where we dressed up, got candy, and played games and there was even a dance. I always saw it as harmless fun, and we absolutely never participated in any pagan rituals.

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