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What Happened to Prayer

Has time past so long ago that news of people spending long hours in church or home in search of outpourings of the Holy Ghost? Faith has been replaced with shows of demon posessed people thrown to ground and picked back up and over and over,as if the so called man of God is playing with demons. Common sense has been tossed out the door and replaced with stupidity and babies pretending to be adult Saints of the most High. I see videos of children used in these shows,and gatherings of people,yet no alter call,no call for people to repent,no tears of joy or fear during these great feats.

Holy Roller

many years ago,I was asked by a man to fix his car on Sunday,I told him,I’d rather not,maybe monday,and he got a little angry with me and he called me holy roller.well I guess I am, I believe God,period! used to didn’t,but I was convinced by God,who saved me. anyway,I believe in praying until and not accepting anything short of a real move of the Holy Ghost. It bothers me,when some say ask and believe you recieve and forget it. 5 years later its still forgotten.

Ive gone

These 28 years of being a King’s kid

House of God (purpose)

There is nothing to compare to a Spirit filled church service, One that most everyone is in one mind an accord. When people use to term “just a building” its not true, God’s house is only for worship and recieving closer and deeper places with him,that we may be stronger for the battle ahead. Sure we can get into our prayer closet and we must also to be strong,but to see harmony in a church is a great thing.


without faith it is impossible to please God,also it’s not an easy thing for man to wait on God,we are always in a hurry,and easily loose vision,Today’s world truly is so use to pushing a button,or finding a fast answer to everything,when it comes to waiting on God, we come unglued and full of question. The closer we get to the heat of our battles, we tend to get a little weak in the knee department towards having faith in God for the deliverence we need or want, The saying baptizm under fire is when we either get ready to fight or die,or choose to cut and run.

starting a fire

I have been watching derek prince,and hearing his talk on spirits,also I have watched others casting out all these so called spirits and see why so much confusion,1st,the claim that spirits are left overs from another time in the world before adam,cannot ever be proven,the bible says,make full proof of thy ministry. 2nd I watched a man who a spirit was being called out of,move an objest in front of him,as not to fall on it while the rev,was wrestling with the spirit in words,no sense that a demonic man would be so concerned of where he fell during the process. 3rd.

H.Rs baptizm of the HolyGhost

At 26, Had already had a great outpouring from God,cleaning me,removing the seed of sin,and getting me(temple)ready for the infilling of the HolyGhost. I was thinking this should be easy,because I had such a hard time recieving sanctification,(many long nights in prayer) Well, I found myself starting all over in spending long hours at the alter again. All kinds of thoughts are tossed in my head,such as ,you already recieved,and your holding up service again people want to go home,and so on.But I wanted to make sure,so I kept pressing.

Blood bought

I find this to be a issue which needs much imput,so I will give it a shot, The sin nature of Adam has been in man since the day Adam disobeyed God, the sin nature is a seed in man to cause him to easily be lead and bound by the big 3,the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life.and all are used by satan to pull us in deeper in sin . we still have an ability to choose our paith,good or bad, Man’s spirit is drawn to God,but with the seed of sin in our heart,rebellion is also easy, Emotions have a part also, the choice to serve God or satan is also available.

Stand and Faint not

So many christians are living below their potental, serving God isn’t just going to church,having a few songs,preaching on 2 or 3 scriptures,taking an offering ang going home. I believe we should be watchful to the times,and people who are in need,if nothing else a kind word. when Jesus was asked,why this one or that one had diseases or blindness,or demons,crippled and such,he said,not because of any sin he did or his parents,but that the Son of man may be glorified.

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