The Pathway to Sin and the Road to Forgiveness

The Pathway of Sin and the Road to Forgiveness
Sin always leaves behind a path of destruction and grief. I know in this modern world of “correctness” the word sin is not part of man’s daily word skills, but the reality of the effects of sin does not change its behavior just to line up with our new thinking patterns. It is one thing to live a life of absolute isolation but the problem is our sins never stay entirely in our own backyard.

My Testimony

My testimony began the day I was born into this world. The things I went through, the up and downs were all part of the bigger picture of bringing me to a desire to call out to God. I was about 20 years old. I am now 61. It is by the mercy of God that I am alive today.
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Thanks and God bless
Doug Leaf

A Call to Arms

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