Knowing the Truth Is Not Enough

Truth is a very controversial subject, especially in our current age of relativism, where most people believe either that there is no such thing as truth–at least, absolute truth–or else that what truth may be is relative, meaning that what is true for one person may not be true for another. Inherent in all this […]

Death and Darkness, Life and Light: The Separation

Death’s Darkness, Life’s Light: The Separation A person who claimed to have had a vision of hell said that the darkness was like none experienced on earth, and that there were also myriad fires in various places there. Upon hearing this, one person discounted this vision as either false or imagination, saying that hell could […]

Conditions of Salvation According to Jesus Christ in Matthew 18

I remember the shock of reading the whole of Matthew's gospel through in one sitting, back in 1985. It was one night in a place called New College, an Anglican college attached to the University of New South Wales, where I was in my final year of a Computer Science degree. I was just starting out in Christian discipleship, though I had been attending church weekly all my life. I remember a sense of the fear of God coming on me. When we let the Word of God as a whole speak to us it can be transforming.

Pastors Must Stand for the Truth on Salvation

One of the functions of pastors/shepherds/elders/overseers/bishops in the Body of Christ is to "protect the sheep". God refers to His people as "sheep". Sheep have a tendency to follow each other, and sometimes sheep do stupid things. This is why sheep need good shepherds who will protect them from danger.

Obviously the whole "sheep" thing is a metaphor. True pastors themselves are God's sheep. And like sheep, they can often be found following other "pastor sheep" for better or worse.

Is Phil Pringle compromising with the World on the Sun Ho Crossover Project Issue?

Kong Hee is the pastor of the Singaporean mega church "City Harvest" with I understand membership around 30,000 people. Many years ago I heard that his wife decided to start a secular pop career. It sounded pretty dodgy to me, but it wasn't my business and I thought no more of it.

Prayer Pastoring – Chapter 3 – Righteousness

Chapter three Righteousness   In our first two chapters of prayer pastor-ing we talked about praying mercy and grace over peoples live now our third step is praying righteousness.   Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.   The kingdom […]

Our Gracious & Compassionate God, slow to anger, have mercy!!

My Dear People of God, I would like to share my burden of praying for my people in village, mostly christian populated.From past few months, a herd of Elephants have created a havoc in my village. They move from village to village destroying our farms and even killing people. Very little is being done by the government to drive these giant animals. My people are in desperate condition & need your prayers.
I would also like to share few more things :-

How Relevant are Former Revivals and Revival Leaders now?


In a comment on another page, I wrote:

"Do you know that the revivalists of the past who transformed nations, like John Wesley, and Charles Finney, believed that one should preach 90% law, and 10% grace?"

Easy Believism

"Easy Believism" is a term used to describe what some refer to as "Free Grace Theology". In "easy believism", it is really, really easy to be sure of a place in heaven. All you have to do is truly believe for a microsecond or more in Jesus, and your past, present and future sins are eternally washed away forever. You have eternal life and you can't lose it. You are secure no matter what you do, think or say.

Is True Belief compatible with Disobedience?

Many of us who grew up in church were taught to be followers of "Saint" Augustine, not followers of Jesus Christ. We were not taught to obey the commandments of Jesus Christ. Most of us after years of going to church could not even list 10 commandments Jesus gave in the gospels, much less obey them.

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