Christian Fellowship and the Church of Jesus Christ

When two or three people led together by the Holy Spirit gather together in Jesus' name, He promises to be there. When we fellowship in Jesus' name, when we pray together in His name, when we really recognize Him and hear Him and do what He wants, then we have an authentic church, capable of exercising divine authority in a situation.

The Church is described by various metaphors, such as the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, the Temple of God, the Army of God and more. The articles in this category delve more into the nature and operation of the church of Jesus Christ as it was meant to be, and can be, if we will listen.

New House Church in Brisbane, Australia

I believe God has led my family and I together with another Christian family to begin a house church in Brisbane, Australia. There is a growing trend towards hosting the meetings of the Body of Christ in private homes. This is the way Christianity first spread, and it will be way in the End Times Church also.

Weekly programme for a House Church ministry

Strategy for a Multiplying House Church Movement

I’ve given some consideration to what I believe is an appropriate framework for believers in a house church setting who are serious about fulfilling the Great Commission. I’m talking about people who are serious about preaching the Gospel to all people, and making disciples, who choose to embrace a church life that is closer in form and hopefully in power to that of the early Christian church. Here then, are some of the key elements I believe are important.


Online Fellowship Experiment through Paltalk

I would like to begin a Paltalk chat room for those who wish to have fellowship online. I see a lot of potential in using the net for online prayer and encouragement.

Please add a comment to this post if you’d like to meet up online at

Characteristics in A House Church Movement for Australia I’d Like to See

I am pondering again the whole issue of house churches. Having participated in some of the best “megachurches” or “wannabe-megachurches” in the country, often led by some really great leaders, where the Holy Spirit IS definitely working, my heart still hungers for “something more”. And it could never be what I have seen over the years in Australia amongst people who want to “be the church” and not “go to church”. It can’t just be a refuge for people hurt by ambitious leaders – people who want to do what is mostly comfortable and easy in the name of being “led by the Holy Spirit”.

Towards a Culture of Discernment in Full-Gospel/Charismatic Churches

I was brought up in a part of the Anglican church where we were encouraged to read and study the Bible for ourselves. We were taught that the beliefs we have concerning theology and the gospel should be based on what the Scriptures say, and not merely on the pronouncements of “God’s chosen leaders”. Of course no church movement has really been able to follow this principle through fully until now, but it is a noble thing to at least espouse the principle.

A movement too big to be derailed?

When you read church history, beginning from the time of the apostles and on through the rise of the institutional church, the Dark Ages, the Reformation, the Revival moments and the pentecostal/charismatic movements, it becomes very clear that Satan has always been trying to derail the Church of God.

It is the Church which is the primary object of God’s love, and therefore the primary object of Satan’s hatred.

The “early church fathers”, those leaders and writers who came after the time of the apostles, were always trying to preserve the unity of the church, and oppose heretics and here

Unreserved Submission is to God Alone

Brethren, Jesus Christ is Lord (master) of the Church. HE is the one who bought us all with His blood. (That is to say, by his death on the cross, He paid for your sins and purchased you and me out of the hand of the devil). It is now our duty to submit to Jesus Christ absolutely. HE is Lord of all.

I hope these Scriptures below will suffice to make God’s viewpoint on this matter absolutely clear to you, that both corporately and individually, we are owned by God.

” …

Where is the Harlot Church today?

The book of Revelation chapter 17 makes it clear that there is a Great Harlot (Prostitute) with whom all the kings of the earth commit fornication.

Rev 17:1 Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me, “Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters,
Rev 17:2 with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”

Waters here represent peoples.

What to look for in a church

The word translated “church” in Greek is ‘ekklesia’ which means an assembly of people called out. It is as if God calls people out from the world and they assemble together as the Lord leads.

Now as Christians, we are called by God to “love one another”, “serve one another”, “exhort one another” and so forth, and these things cannot be done in isolation.

The Ministry of Helps is for everyone

In this short article the case is made that every Christian is called at some level to operate in the ministry of helps. Let us not be high-minded. Whether we are also called to be apostles, or teachers, or workers of miracles, the Bible nowhere says, “Do all have the ministry of helps?

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