Christian Apologetics and Defending the Faith

Christian Apologetics is about showing the reasonableness of faith in Jesus Christ. There are varying approaches to this subject. One can talk about historical evidences, legal evidences, experiential evidences, philosophical arguments and more. In the end, we actually rely on God communicating the reality of His existence to us, if we are to know anything for sure. Some would argue that He has done this through nature itself. This is a Scriptural viewpoint, as the Bible says that what may be known about God is clear to all men, being understood by the things that are made (see Romans 1).
The main arguments for the reasonableness of faith in Christ appeal to things like fulfilled Bible prophecy, the circumstances around the alleged resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and the changes that many testify to in response to prayer.

A wise Christian understands that without the working of the Spirit of Truth in a person's soul, they may not yield to the truth about God. They may really be unaware of some important truths. Therefore, in the end, though we may believe our arguments are strong, it will take a move of God in response to fervent, heartfelt prayers of righteous people in order to convince people that Christ should be trusted.

Arguing Biblical Principles and Doctrines

I don’t believe that any two people are of exactly the same mind on the contents of the Bible and the subsequent theology that arises in the minds and hearts of men. That makes this wonderful advice applicable for all of us in our dealings with everyone else in the world How are we to […]

Peter Hitchens – God Does Exist – Oxford Debate

Peter Hitchens, brother of the famous late atheist Christopher Hitchens, talks to eminent atheists on the issue of WHY they desperately do not want the Universe to be one in which there IS justice, meaning and ultimate significance to their actions. Peter says he hates this kind of debate. He thinks what the opposition at […]

Problems with Naturalism, Evolution and Atheism

There has of late been a strong push by idealogues like Professor Richard Dawkins who have made it their mission in life to destroy any  kind of belief in God and any kind of influence of Theism, and especially of Christianity, in modern society and culture. From where I look though, Richard Dawkins is doomed. […]

Busting a hole in the Boat

Visit My YouTube Channel today    HERE I just don’t understand why all this energy is put into the enterprise of disbelief I always thought that a true lack of belief in something should manifest itself in a state of emotional and psychological indifference and dispassion and not in a state of fanatical militant devotion; […]

The Dogmatic Delusion

Visit my YouTube Channel Today   HERE Materialism is a delusion in that it is a BELIEF that’s established on the ASSUMPTION that immaterial things do not exist. Putting aside for now the fact that billions of people over the course of human history have testified to having a transcendent experience; and also putting aside for […]

Why Do So Many People Believe In God?

In view of the great suffering that exists in humanity, in view of the vastness of empty space in the Cosmos, and the apparently huge time periods that the Universe seems to have existed without life, it is remarkable that anyone believes in God. Why then do we find believers in God all over the […]

Why So Much Suffering in the World?

The atheist assumes that the Universe just exists for no particular reason. Some believe it existed forever, others say it started at the Big Bang. We’re not quite sure why the Big Bang happened, or why there were Laws of Physics around even before there was a Physical Universe – but there it is. In […]

Who Made God

“If God made the world, then who made God?” Atheists such as Richard Dawkins have said that if a complex specified Universe requires the existence of a Divine Maker, then how much more does the existence of a complex Divine Maker require Someone even greater to create Him? This is supposed to be a clever […]

Dialogue with a former Believer who renounced Faith in God

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Who is Jesus Christ?

"Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?" Jesus asked his disciples one day. No surprise that people were talking about Jesus. He was regularly performing miracles, healing people and casting out oppressive evil spirits. People who do this are hard to ignore.
His disciples answered him, "Some say John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets." (See Matthew 16:13ff). The people of his day were confused concerning the identity of Jesus of Nazareth. And so it is today.