A Warning about Islam

If Islam is true, then Christianity is false and all who die as Christians will burn in hell forever along with all others who finally reject islam. If the Christianity of the Bible is true, however, then Islam is definitely false, and all muslims who die as muslims will burn in hell forever, having rejected the only Way by which their sins may be forgiven. The issue is therefore serious, since it involves the beliefs of about 1/3 or more of the world’s population.

Whatever “true Islam” might be, REAL ISLAM, the Islam that people have to actually deal with, has shown itself in many cases to be a violent religion in which rape, murder, deceit and oppression are all valid practices if done for the cause of Islam. Islam is therefore a danger not only to the eternal souls of men, but also to their temporal happiness as well.

Someone might say that neither the Bible nor the Qu’ran is true. But as long as there are a significant number of people who believe that religious conquest by violent means and deceit is acceptable and even necessary, there will always be serious challenges to modern society.

Islam has taken over entire nations, and its goal is to subdue the Western world also. In Islamic ruled societies, it is very difficult hear the truth about Jesus Christ and even more difficult to worship Jesus and preach the message of Jesus as He commanded us to do. It is perfectly acceptable and even required of serious muslims to KILL those who turn away from the religious system of Islam in order to follow Jesus. Because it has become so large, Islam is therefore perhaps the greatest threat to the eternal welfare of souls that ever has been or will be.

There is no doubt that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today in absolute terms. That is to say, the total population of muslims is rising faster than the total population of any other major religious grouping. This is due not only to the high birth rate amongst muslims, but also to their religious conversion efforts around the world.

Unlike Christians, who tend to put up with it nicely when our Lord Jesus is blasphemed and mocked, muslims do not take kindly to any kind of denigration of their Prophet or their Scriptures. The recent protests against the Danish cartoonists who dared to mock “Prophet Mohammed” are a case in point. Those guys would be in danger of their lives for expressing their irreverent views.

When muslims are in the minority or lack military firepower, they preach tolerance and peace, and cast themselves as “victims”. But as soon as they achieve a majority in any area of the world, woe to those who oppose them and their agenda.

It is therefore incumbent upon the author of this site to warn also about Islam. It is easier of course to warn about the false prophets within the church, or the dangers of materialism, for example, because there is less risk of personal attack. But in the end, most of the world will face this issue of Islam and so we have to be prepared with the relevant knowledge. We MUST know what we believe, and why, and be willing to stand up and be counted for the Truth. By the same token, we also need to know what we DO NOT BELIEVE and WHY. We can no longer afford to be ignorant about islam. It is threatening to impose itself on every area of life everywhere.

The Danger of Islam has moved here.

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