A Simple Salvation

Its not hard to find people with no idea what christian life is about. The bits and pieces believers talk about in their walk leaves many confused and stranded not knowing what to do or what to exspect. The love of God is the door way to escape the punishment for sin, if we accept the terms. The world if full of trouble,temptation,pain and loss,and don’t forget greed and lust. when all is well,we tend to put God in the closet until later. Then when we allow ourselves to play with things deep down in our spirit we know is wrong and get caught in our sin. We seek God,and if he doesn;t move the way we want then anger sets in. if he delivers us quickly we put him to one side again. He allows us to get in over our head, but at the same time calling us to repentance.some accept and some don’t. but he gives everyone at least one chance,some people more,some die in their sin for thinking there is plenty of time. Salvation is a free offer,and until a person with a sincere humble spirit seeks salvation ,he will never truely understand. To find love in your heart for God will only be felt when we are broken and find real salvation. If we seek more asurance we have salvation God will make Himself known in a mighty way. Our faith then will start to grow as well as a love for God.The better you know someone the easier it is to love them. Waiting on the Lord is a good way to grow your faith and also to please God. After all look how long he has waited for us. Many questions and doubts are answered by God himself if we seek him,we can know the right path if we be as David,inquire of the Lord before we jump rather than after we bit off more than we could chew. Our salvation came not only in words,but with real faith building power also.you must find God before you can love God. I found out a long time ago,trusting God and handing over mountains I cannot move,saves much pain and tribulation.than trying to fix what I cannot fix. As a newborn saint I tryed to break habits and addictions on my own,feeling ashamed when I asked to be saved but was still bound by things of life before salvation. I would pray and cry and almost gave up,but when I said to God unless you take these things from me as if I never new them,I will fail. The power came on me so strong I couldn’t move and burrned out every desire and shone me his realness and never been the same sime,28 years have passed and the boundage never returned .rejoice when your trials come for the Lord will deliver and give you joy unspeakable and full of glory amen

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