A second act of obedience that led to an amazing deliverance and much more!

I want to share one more story of the importance of being obedient because not only does it please God, but we develop in maturity and experience in trusting the Holy Spirit.

I was out with a Christian friend shopping in a town called Norwich, when I heard in the distance someone singing and playing the guitar. As we approached this man who sang beautifully, we decided to sit and listen to him as the songs were Christian. When he had finished I wanted to know more about him and asked him how long he had been a Christian, ” six months” he replied. We all sat on the green to chill out when I felt the Holy Spirit come strongly to me and command me to pray out in tongues and at first I was stubborn about it, because I thought, he is a Christian and what if I have got this wrong, what if people are watching, the big WHAT IF’S. But you see God is not interested in the what if’s, how many times have I prayed God will you use me. It was now one of those times. I spoke to the man and said ” I feel led to pray for you but I believe God wants me to pray in tongues, do you mind”? Fine he said, go ahead. So without any further holding back I found myself praying strongly and loudly with boldness in tongues and as I prayed I felt a commanding voice come from my mouth and the Holy Spirit interpreted the language that I was commanding Satan to leave this man. As I continued to pray he rolled on the ground, his eyes went back into his head, he dribbled profusely from his mouth and then sat up quickly after being sick. “Wow! what happened, what on earth did you pray”? I shared with him that the Holy Spirit wanted Satan gone out of his life once and for all and asked him what he had been exposed to before becoming a Christian. This man shared had been involved in an underground pagan/occult movement. He went back to his own church that day and testified of the goodness of God to his vicar. I was invited to meet his Vicar and leadership team. As I did I noticed a lady on the team who was used in dreams and visions for the church, but what clashed with that was the Egyptian cross that she wore around her neck. I mentioned my concern to the Vicar who was adamant that this lady was fine. Three weeks passed and I got a knock on my door, standing by the door was the vicar and this lady. Since my visit to their church this lady felt troubled, so we all had a chat and I told her that as she is meant to imitate Christ she should remove her pagan cross. I had never seen such anger as the enemy raised his ugly head. MY MOTHER GAVE THIS TO ME! She screamed. and what did your mother believe in I asked, Egyptology she answered. I shared that this whole area must be purified from her family line and she stormed out. Later the vicar shared that she went to see someone and got it all dealt with. Praise God!

We never know where our obedience will take us, but one thing we know is that when God is in charge, good things happen, because God is LOVE and he wants to purify his people. I hope this story has encouraged you.

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