Archives for December 2014

The Secret to God’s Power

“His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he sayeth unto you, do it…” (John 2:5) As believers, most of us desire to have God’s power in operation in our lives. We have formulas, seven steps to success plans, etc., and countless books and articles on “how to access the glory,” and yet not much happens […]

God’s Word Reveals the Covenants and Promises of God

It is important to realise that God defines His way of dealing with humanity in terms of Covenants or special agreements. God made a number of important covenants with people over the centuries. He made a covenant with Adam, with Noah, with Abraham, with David, with Jesus and through Jesus with us who are “in […]

God’s Word as Seed

If you are privileged to be the owner of a Bible, you have a tremendously valuable treasure. How much you use it, how much you benefit from it, is up to you. The purpose of this series is to unfold for you a deeper understanding of just how much the Word of God can achieve – […]

The Elijah Anointing and the End-Time Church

***THIS IS AN AUDIO MESSAGE… PLEASE CLICK ON LINK TO ACCESS*** The axe is laid to the root of the tree; His fan is in His hand and He will thorougly purge His floor. The prophetic anointing given to the body of Christ in these last days will prepare us for the coming of the […]

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