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Why I really enjoyed the trip in “”?

Why Thirst Missions I have been enjoyed and should I share you?

Mainly thirstmissions having prayer ministries beauties & Incredible recreation opportunities also Belizean personnel top and shall help you through the entire trip, which supplies for much more culturally wealthy and efficient mission trip In order to minister via a quests partnership having a nearby church as well as a community within Belize Inexpensive. Through $79/person/day.

New Hope TV

Please keep praying for the team at New Hope TV. They do a great job in serving the Christian community with quality TV programs every day in Bangalore.

An amazing mission that gives you a lot!


I would recommend you to visit an incredible and amazing mission ….Located in Belize

Oh! Now I wanted to disclose why it is famous for.

Let’s see what types of real and natural beauties out there at ?

The following benefits will embrace you and your family or company :

a) The ever mission trip to Belize with Thirst Missions was the best trip I’ve ever taken.

b) Thirst Missions is the best mission organization I have ever taken a trip with family so, bring your group on a mission trip with Thirst Missions.

God’s Sovereignty in the Scheme of Salvation


No Place for Evil

No Place for Evil

The concept of place holds an important place itself in the created order of things, especially in the kingdom of God. Just how important can be seen in Jesus’ reply to the request of James and John to have a place on each side of his throne: “To sit at my right or left is not for me to grant. These places belong to those for whom they have been prepared” (Mk. 10:40 NIV). Even the Son of God cannot alter certain things about certain places, such is the nature of those places.

Dream about the coming of Jesus as King and the horror people will experience as they realize there is no more time to repent

This morning – Thursday, 20th of September, I woke up from a dream that shook me. In the dream Jesus was sited on a chair on a platform and people were in the crowd in the hall. The people represented the world in general. This was a waiting time before Jesus was to come back and declare Himself as King. Suddenly Jesus got up very confidently from the chair and walked very determined , with the chin up and with the authority of a King written all over Him.


The purpose of this post is to inform.

To begin with, the word ONE does not necessarily mean the number 1, or one thing. I want to suggest to you that one can mean more than one. Here are some definitions that I took from Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary printed in 1963 from page 589: Entry 1, definition 3b, part (1) says “CONSTITUTING A UNIFIED ENTITY OF TWO, OR MORE COMPONENTS”; entry 3, definition 1 says “THE NUMBER DENOTING UNITY.” Keep these definitions in mind as you continue reading.


Choo thomas’ book

I have purchased Choo thomas’ book and after I read it I passed it on to others. Unfortunately, the first person who read it felt disgusting after reading it, another friend read it part way through and was terrified. He said he wouldn’t touch or come near that book, he later told me that he put the book in a box and set it ablazed. These people are unsaved, if the unsaved people feel that if it that hard for christians to enter heaven then it is no hope for them.

The Pathway to Sin and the Road to Forgiveness

The Pathway of Sin and the Road to Forgiveness
Sin always leaves behind a path of destruction and grief. I know in this modern world of “correctness” the word sin is not part of man’s daily word skills, but the reality of the effects of sin does not change its behavior just to line up with our new thinking patterns. It is one thing to live a life of absolute isolation but the problem is our sins never stay entirely in our own backyard.

Jewish Feasts and Paul’s Revelation

It seems to be becoming increasingly popular amongst many Christians nowadays to celebrate Jewish feasts and holidays. There is also a common belief among many Christians that during a future Millennium God will again be expecting everyone to keep the Jewish feasts. Even more common is the belief that God intends to refocus His attention on Israel during a future period of great tribulation.

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