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ITS’s “‘right on the “‘money'”!

IT’s “‘TIME'”!
ABOUT 10 yrs..

IN “‘LITTLE'” OVER A “‘YEAR'”- the “‘BATTLE'” [for Gt. Britain'” ] will be “‘turning'”- BUT “‘YOU'” DOn’T WANT TO BE “‘HERE'” WHERE IT “‘WILL'” BE “‘TURNING'”!


This is a short version of my testimony:

At 14 was born again. A year later I backslid which lasted for approx. 10 years. The night my life changed – 4am in the morning, the Lord put a thought in my head: “if you die tonight where are you going to go?”
I answered: “straight to hell”. Then the Lord put another thought in my head: “It will have to be an all or nothing decision, not half hearted!!”

Thank you GOD..the devil is a liar…..

I greet you all in the blessed name of our lord Jesus christ. I am very fine and just thanking GOD for what he has done in my life and for saving my life from a tragic accident and untimely death.On monday(28/3/11) i dreamt that my fiance and i were sitted in the vehicle together with our church friends and we were busy killing snakes and finally a rat appeared which wanted to sting my fiance but i managed to kill it.

Hello….Anyone Willing to Go and Reach Muslims for Christ?

I am sending out this mission request for anyone who would be willing to go with me to reach the Muslims outside the US. I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ has placed within in me a heart for the Muslim people. If anyone else has this desire then, Lord willing, we can go and reach out to these lost souls. The harvest is great in the Muslim countries. Christian organizations such as GEM (Greater Europe Mission) are playing a huge role, but more people need to be sent. My prayer is that Christ might send me and others to help in this fight to reach the lost.

Agnostic, Humanist, Atheist Newby saying Hi

Hi All
I thought I would give you a try as this looks like a nice civilsed forum ( which is rare these days). I used to be a frequent poster to a small forum called Faithforum. I made some very good Christian friends on there and miss the communication that had built up.

While these Christians had such names as Mike the Catholic, Leonard a sinner, Rhut, Petra and Patricia, I came to know them well despite the fact it was via the forums.

prayer for my dear friend

I am asking for a prayer for my good friend Dennis. I just read a post of his and fear that his mother is ill or even worse. Dear Father please be with him in his time of worry and pain, send the angels to protect him from turning to worldly vices in his time of need. Walt

my wordly flaws, dealing with seperation

I just can’t seem to let go of the past. I ask the lord for direction about letting go of a marriage that has had me estranged from my wife for 2 years. Instead of feeling like moving on my contact and feelings for my wife intensify. I will do what the lord wants me to do. I will gladly wait and pray as i have to save this marriage, but I cannot help but feel impatient after what is now going on 3 years apart. just when I think all is lost we begin communicating and sharing feelings about the challenges that we have both faced as a result of trying to “move on”.

healing miracle

i was the average happy go lucky, do what you want teenager. when roughly a year ago i contracted HPV ( human papilloma virus), a common std. that causes warts on site of contraction (the private area). at first i didnt think i just wanted to die, or find the fastest cure out there, i spent all my time online searching for natural cures, used all my money to buy oils that many say “work”. nothing truly worked, i ended up burning my private places. i was in so much pain i couldnt take it. my father a RC, carried me to church to pray.

God is a Mathematician


Jakobe, Jakobe You are the One that I Love

I was beaten.

My enemy was so strong that I questioned if I was wrong for disliking him.

He was my brother.

He hated me, he turned all that I knew against me. He beat me down on the street with the help of a friend I had bought home from the street to live, joined in by others that I knew from childhood.

My Mother, whom I loved and was once the favorite son, turned her back on me once I lost my job and could no longer serve her.

My friends, well, you know how they go.
I was a titan of a young man in the eyes of others. I had to fall.

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