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once save always saved

Luk 3:9 , are not the trees here , the brethren?

Seeking prayers


I could sure use some prayers right now – so I’m here asking the Lord to guide you; (who ever you might be) to pray in the Spirit and just lift me up – as I seek and trust Him to Guide me.

I prayed not very long ago that the Lord would strengthen my Faith in Him in very specific areas of my life. In a short period of time (days and hours) events and circumstances changed very drastically in my life.

Forgive my vagueness – I just NEED to know that God is in control and He does hear me.

God Bless You

Mormons the true Israel?

“Mormon leaders call their empire the ‘Kingdom of God.’ However, their ‘God’ is an extraterrestrial from [the planet] Kolob, definitely not the God of the Bible; and the ‘Zion’ to which their spirit-brother-of-Lucifer Jesus Christ will return to reign, is Independence, My kingdom comeMissouri.” So writes author and former Mormon Ed Decker in his book My Kingdom Come.

Hi, I’m new

Dear brothers and sisters,

My name is Andrew. I am new here. I’m asking for prayer too, since I’ve been demon oppressesed. I was delivered once (testimony on the site) but demons try to go back, like it says in Matthew. Please pray for me that I’ll be delivered completely from demons and that God shows me His love, and that He doesn’t let me and my loved ones be harmed. Thank you.


How to Abide in Jesus and Know It

John taught often the power and importance of abiding in Jesus. Here he tells us how we can do this, and how we can be sure that we really are abiding in Jesus. God gives us confirmation that we are through His Spirit.

A Major Key to Developing Faith and Having Confidence with God – Obedience

John taught that if we do what God told us to do, we are going to have confidence before God and receive answers to prayer. So obedience to God is a major key to developing strong faith.

On the contrary, disobedience to God will surely weaken our confidence and hinder our ability to receive answers to prayer from God.

Genuine Love Makes Sacrifices

In the teaching of the apostles, its not enough to speak loving words to people in need. Practical help is required. It cost God a great deal to send Jesus to pay for our sins. That is the nature of God’s love.

Churches using Carnal Means to Attract and Retain Carnal People while True Sheep Starve

Paul Washer tells it like it is in this short clip. He is saying that there are true sheep of God in most large churches but in order to please the large unconverted crowd in the church, the pastors will not give true sheep what they need. Instead they feed the goats what pleases them.

A day of Rage in the Middle East.

Thousands join ‘Day of Rage’ across the Middle East• In Iraq, six killed as frustration erupts over corruption
• Yemen holds its biggest pro-democracy rally
• Egyptians demand accelerated reforms

Unreached People Of The Day

I noticed that there is a area called unreached people of the day from the Joshua Project on this site…

I really like to see faces of unreached people from different cultures. Sometimes we only think of the unreached people around us….By looking at the picture and the statistics of the area we can better pray for these people..

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