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Why Christians love to spend so much money on Church Buildings

DISCLAIMER: I’ve enjoyed some great times in church buildings, and God has been pleased to do many great things in them, so what I’m about to say should not be construed in the wrong way. In only offer it as food for thought:


i’m learning

I saw skype prayer meetings and it seems like another similar, that would be fun. I just bought a cellphone, and am learning it,


Coming back to God and fulfilling the call – a Film maker for Christ

Hello, as a young boy I could never imagine that one day I would be homeless and drug addicted. I grew up in Wheaton, MD ten miles outside Washington DC.I still live in the area today. My parents were loving but never had money to do anything, my dad was a police officer and my mom stayed home with the four children. Both my parent’s fathers were alcoholics and today my mother is also. I grew up dreaming of playing pro football and started to see how that dream might come true in high school; I was

Be Blessed, Don’t Complain – Chapter 4 – Bouncing Back

Chapter Four

Be blessed, don’t complain

Prayer request

hi my name is Anna, and i begun today a 1 week fast, and i really need a support, it is really hard for me to fast, however, recently i was able to do 3 day fast, but i binged heavily after it, i regret it. but now i want to avoid those situations, and really get closer to God. I am fasting for 2 things; weight loss and a guy in my class that i really (reallllllllllly) like but i won’t see him again after june.

I want pray in group :)

I don’t know when but think it is real, i want pray in group 🙂

Jesus Healed Me

I would like to take this time to give Jesus all the praise and glory for his faithfulness. In 2006 I went to the doctor because I was having pains in my upper back. X-rays were taken of my entire back and the doctor told me that I had a lot of degeneration for a person my age; I was 40 years old. I suffered from poor posture all my life and had given birth to six kids at the time of this diagnosis. Because my spine was so messed up; it was very uncomfortable when I tried to sit or walk upright.

Seeking God’s will in my life

I was reading my bible and suddenly had a thought that I was going to
marry a pastor and that we were going to be in a ministry. Which was
odd, because marrying a pastor is something I said that I would never
do(before I was born-again). I am majoring in Business Administration,
but as of late (this past week), it seems like God is pulling me in
another direction, christian counseling or some other ministry based in
emotional healing. I am also getting the feeling that I am going to the
wrong school, that I should be somewhere else. I don’t know, I need

Why do I have these thoughts even after being saved. Will I ever be free of them???

Ever since I got saved 2 months ago I have been ever aware of my sinful past. I understand once I accepted Christ God forgave past and present sins. I believe my issue is that I need to accept I have been forgiven. I am a 30 year old woman and I have 2 young children whom I love very much. I am constantly aware of my past sin, doing things that I knew were wrong, getting caught up in an alternative lifestyle in which I no longer practice and I find myself becoming disgusted @ those things and wonder if He has really forgiven me for those things.


Hello, I new to this site and so far Im liking it. Just wanted to say hi. I just got saved about 2 months ago and Im adjusting to this new life. I was a mental, angry wreck and it was affecting my relationships especially with my children and it is still a battle but thanks be to the Lord and his son Jesus I am no longer a slave to my anger, sin, attitudes.

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