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My Life as a Spiritualist

Supernatural phenomena interested me since childhood. A few psychic episodes as a child added to the intrigue I felt. My mother had also experienced psychic happenings since her childhood, but didn’t pursue it seriously until later. By the time I began Secondary School, she felt ready to experiment further. When walking her dogs in the park one day, a Medium approached, telling Mum he saw her potential as a Medium and invited her to a Spiritualist Church in Glasgow.

Sorry that I ask so many questions but I want to know.I have some more for anyone willing to try to help me find answers.

1)Once a persons soul is cast into hell do they still have the choice to repent? 2)If so where do they get the power to desire to repent from if they are in hell? 3)If demons can never feel God’s grace(how is it fair),isn’t it up to God to make them want to follow him? […]

Kirk Quesnel’s Testimony – delivered from drugs, crime, migraines, suicide and pornography

God, Who am I?

Kirk Quesnel’s Testimony

It is no accident that you have received this tract today this is your day to receive your miracle, just as I received mine. God is not a respecter of one person over another, we are all His favourites (Acts 10:34).

I was born in a small town in Manitoba, Canada, in 1961, one of 5 boys. The early years of my life were much like any other young boys –school, friends, church, some minor mischief. But when I was about 10 years old things began to change for the worst very quickly.

Seeking Prayer/Freedom/Breakthrough


Some random questions

1)Where did God come from?
2)Why did God make us?
3)Why does He love us?
5)Why is God a jealous God?
6)Why does God let bad things to innocent people?
7)Why does it seem that bad people get what they want but good people struggle a lot?

A friend in need of deliverance

I have a friend who has a very slight faith in God.She has been through a lot in her past so it is hard for her to have faith.She is very confused right now and she needs help.A big problem for her is that she has many questions that people can not answer for her so she thinks to herself how can I believe in something the people who claim to believe in do not even understand.I would love if you could pray that God will show her that He has always been there, is still with her, and will always be with her.

Blind Paralysed Man miraculous healed by Jesus – as seen on Australian TV

Can God heal blind people? Listen to this testimony. And to all the sweet atheists out there – yes, God does do creative miracles for amputees also, though these miracles are relatively rare. God heals when He wants to, when He deems it fit. If you demand God “perform” for you on your terms, you […]

People or God?

Does God make it somewhat difficult to hear and see him when he talks or shows himself to us?
Is it difficult because we are not trained to understand his ways of communicating?
Or is it Both?


Just saying hi 🙂
I’m new here but this site so far looks good
One of the articles in particular caught my eye
Thank you

God’s provision

I wanted to share some really neat testimonies about God’s power and provision. The LORD WILL provide for those who ask of Him, whatever they need. Even if it’s something we may not think is that important to ask God for (like hot chocolate), He will provide it because He loves us and wants to show us He’s the same today, yesterday, and forever. Here are 4 of my testimonies (and I look forward to sharing many more).

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