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I seek your favor, my Lord

Lord I will enter you Gate’s everyday
I will come before your Mercy Throne everyday
I will place my pleas and my petitions everyday
I seek not of gold and silver, neither of previous stones
I have come to seek your favor
So that, You would have mercy on this mankind
Once again you would sent your Holy Revival
You would gather your chosen remnants
You would strengthen their faith
You would rise in your galore
You would shower your Grace
Once again your Glory be shown
Your words be proclaimed
You alone are the God and there is no one beside you
Man cannot hide in the mask of reli

What happens after physical death?

Will someone please help me to find an answer to this question.

We human have ‘a physical body’ and ‘a spiritual soul’. What happens when a man dies and is buried, where does his soul goes? Does it go either to heaven or hell (according to his deeds) or somewhere else? It is written that Jesus Christ first resurrected and at His second coming all others will be resurrected, and after the Great Judgment our eternal fate will be decided. That means we cannot enter heaven or hell before the second coming.

The Revolutionary Message of John’s Gospel

If people just believed the message of John’s gospel they wouldn’t be attracted to all kinds of fancy and unbiblical spiritual sensations. Because John’s gospel is ABSOLUTELY REVOLUTIONARY and I am not sure how many of us believe it yet.

John’s gospel basically tells us: because of Jesus Christ and His work, God now can and will live in your life and operate through you in the same way that Jesus did! You too can be a child of God and go as Jesus went!

Past Experiences with Church and Ministry

This is a place where we can discuss past experiences with church and ministry in a supportive environment.

If you have been hurt in church (and who has not at some stage, to some extent?) then please note that the stated goal is for us all to get HEALING and move forward wiser and better people.

Very Urgent Prophetic Warnings for North Americans (and others)

Dear Brethren,

I am not a prophet or a seer but as a child of God I have been praying and seeking to understand God's prophetic word and to have understanding. I want to report some links concerning the IMPENDING LOSS OF LIBERTY THAT AMERICANS WILL SUFFER. Please listen to the link below and bring it before God. You can skip the first 10 or 15 minutes of this clip if your time is short. You need to hear what these brethren saw and ask God if these things be so.

Gerald Celente predicts depression in America

Since true prophets in the church have not been heard by and large, it looks like the Lord has to use secular commentators to tell us what should be obvious by now.

Food Aid coming to American cities

We take note that because of the financial crisis and the massive layoffs that are happening, people are getting hungry and need help. What is interesting folks is that THIS IS AMERICA, formerly one of the best places a person could be blessed to born in.

The Financial Crisis

This folks is a reality now. We talked about it coming back in 2007 and now its here. Nothing takes God by surprise. We really need to pray because this is a chance for people to consider the Lord Jesus Christ before the REAL CRISIS of the final judgment of God comes.

Vision of Return of Jesus- Coming Soon!

Way back in the 1968 a Norwegian Sister had alarming vision of the course of the world up until the Return of Jesus……

Entering the Sabbath Rest

How do we enter the sabbath rest? Is it found in the seventh day, or elsewhere?

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