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Delivered from the Fear of Death

In 1992, I began to get extremely stressed from my job and marriage. I was a Regional Manager for a high tech electronic company with lots of people to manage and offices to run for profit. I began to be anxious about everything especially death. The anxiety grew larger and larger until it began to consume my life. I felt like each day I was going to die. When the sun went down the anxiety intensified. I was divorced in 1993 and this was the final blow in my life. I was out of control drinking and not looking to God for help.

Youth Delivered from Drugs, Porn, Masturbation, Depression

I’m Isaac Snuffer, 15, and here is the story of how God has changed my life completely.

I was raised in a Christian home, attending a church where God moved greatly as young as 2, and saw God move all the time. During this time I gave my life to Christ, but did not fully understand the power of God nor even who he was. All I knew was the basics of the faith taught in the nursery classes at churches.

You must trust that all things work together for your benefit

I am looking over my journal January 3, 2007 and the word that came from the Lord to me..I had been suffering from a major organized attack from Satan that began in August 2006 and came to point of trying to destroy me spiritually…I am still in the warrior mode and I knew that everything that I was going through was for my growth.The Lord told me on January 3 to draw closer closer closer so close to Him that there were no gaps within…Many are called but few are chosen…My life was not to be my own…Die out to self, die out to temptation die out to desires …Die out to desires that the


What does the bible say about having sex with one’s boyfriend. Should one continue to engage in sexual activity even though they are not married yet? Would God bless the couple marriage even though they did not wait? And would God bless the couple if one was not a beliver?



Why Teaching and Knowledge is So Important

I am on a search for wisdom and some of the things I am realizing are very basic, yet I think they are easily ignored.

The Book of Proverbs in the Bible is God’s book of wisdom. Written by a man who at one time had more wisdom than any man who had ever lived, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, there is a lot there for us to learn and consider.

It says, in Proverbs 1:22 ” How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity?

The Fight to Overcome Fear and New Age Deception

He taught me who I am…

The story of a woman’s fight from Fear and the New Age Deception

Before you read through this book, I want you to be aware. Aware that there is a God, aware that he has a son called Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and know that I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord – my Lord and the Lord of all creation.

It sounds pretty serious and exactly what a religious person may say but most of what i’m about to write in this book is supernatural, based on all of the above beliefs.

i dont know if any christians can relate but before i was born again i got tattoo’s that are still currently on my body and i want to say to people that can relate, dont worry about them, were gonna except you anyway, we love you, and that’s it i guess

Doing evangelism, and how?

This seems to have been a bit of a concern for me for a while, and especially today, I’d like to enquire about how one best goes about doing evangelism, but I have a few problems concerning areas in which I might have sinned in this area.

Basically my problem concerns today, at least twice I feel as though I might have had urges to go somewhere and tell someone the gospel, which seems may have happened befre but havealways giiven up and tried to walk out of the situation without talking to anyone as either I’,m not sure what to say or whether these apparent urges are from God.

Could Use Your Prayers

Hey everyone!

Things have been tought for me this year. I’m a senior in high school, and it seems like life has just crashed down on me. It’s a long story, I think I’ll just save it for my testimony.

I’ve been afflicted for a couple of months now, I’ve been to the docters and they said it was a virus. I don’t know what it is nor do I care. I know there is no docter better than the Most High. I’ve fasted (3 days, 2 twice) and prayed. Please can some of you olders in the body of christ help this babe with my college search and with my health.

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