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Hi all!

I’ve contributed once or twice on this forum before, but I thought I’d take the time to introduce myself (given there’s a ‘Getting to Know You’ section!) and ask maybe one or two questions. I’m Richard, I’m from the north of England, 21 years old and unempolyed. I’ve sort of been a Christian nominally on and off most of my life, not sure I can recall a point when I made a decision to believe in and follow Christ once and for all, I’ve always struggled with doubt and sin a lot, and not been too sure I’ve really committed myself totally to God, but I know I ought to and it is my desire.

God’s Garden – by F.F. Bosworth

God’s Garden – by F.F. Bosworth

A partial copy of an excellent sermon from his book “Christ the Healer”

“I did the planting, Apollos did the watering, bt it was God who made the seed grow … you are God’s field to be planted (1 Cor. 3:6-9 – Moffatt’s translation).

Praise is very important to God

If you don’t praise God the blessing in your life will be limited.

One of the strongest expressions of faith in God is a life of praise. Praise in this case means saying or singing something good about the character of God – for example, saying or singing, “The LORD is good, and his mercy endures forever.” “God alone is wise”, “All his ways are just”.

It is the work of Satan to attack the character of God in our minds. Satan will point to the terrible results of the fall of man for proof that God is not good.

Praise and Worship

“But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.” (John 4:23)

God is seeking something. The Bible says in another place that the eyes of the Lord run over the earth, looking for someone whose heart is completely devoted to Him. God wants to work strongly in that man or woman’s life. And God is seeking worshipers. Are they so hard to find? Men and women everywhere are worshiping. There are billions of religious people on the earth.

Rapture of the Church

I am convinced that the Rapture of the Church
has taken place.

Thank You,


Michael are you gone

The value of Christian music

You know today I was feeling quite down and my wife suggested I listen to some worship music. I put on some lively praise music and it really did comfort me.

I heartily recommend this approach to anyone who is feeling too weak and tired to struggle on. Just let the music minister to you for a while.


Please pray for us I am afraid of losing my house right now cannot seem to make ends meet please prayer for us to be able to make it I currently have my house up for sale and really need to sell it so we do not lose it within this next month.

Hello Fellow Christian Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Hi everyone,
I am new here and hoping to get all kinds of great advice and insight. I would like to pray for others and also need prayer for myself. I am struggling right now with what to believe and what not to when it comes to healing. I don’t see anywhere in the Bible where God declares he wants us all to be healed. I need a miracle, I am 33 years old and I have a very rare genetic inherited disease which there is no cure or treatment.


Hi, I am Casey. I have applied for many positions in the past months, but I am not getting any requests for interviews. By profession, I am a school administrator. I really need a breakthrough. I started a 3 day fast today after having read the section, “Call to Fasting.” I would appreciate your prayer support. I really need to understand God’s direction for my life. I know that He never closes a door without opening another one somewhere. Thank you and God Bless You!


i’m new to this page….and found quite good.
God bless u all.

golden raymond

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