Firstly I would like to say Im born again child of God. I am saved in Jesus name.
JESUS name is having extra-ordinary power. I once remember when we at the conference at church and the thing was that my friend was having the vains on the back opposite her knee and she say hey my friend Im having vains here and I said “come here and ill pray with you now” I touch the vains and uttered these words vain in the name of Jesus just move here you dont belong here and I continue saying no matter what the cause that make you to be here but in the name of JESUS I cast you. and I tell my friend that if those vain dont move there that means you are the lier because the LORD is not the lier as He said to His word if we lay hands to the sick they shall be healed in Jesus name and I remember that to others it was like a joke but what I was having in my mind is that ive practiced the word and other part is for God to do the miracle. and when we were at her home in the couch just sharing the word of God and she said oh zanelle do you remember that you prayed for me when we were in the church can you check me whether the vains are there or not only to find that the vains were gone and that is the testimony that He is the Healer and nothing is impossible to Him. it just that we have to belive in Him strongly… AMEN!!!!

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