Wu brother came with his men

to stand next to wow gold, arrogant, tiffanysaid: “My children, who have just hit my little brother up? Stand out for me!”
Initials, Finals and he heard the crowd to stop laughing, have him over here. See they have a dozen people, have some worried. How can the former beauty lose face? Proton youngest stood up and loudly said: “The people that I play, how can tiffany jeweleryyou put me how was it?!”
Wu brother nodded, fingers to the youngest Gogo, “small force, very kind of you, right! A while you do not call Mom!”
“I went to your tiffany comother for it! You do not look at your bird-like, not satisfied to do it!” Youngest did not think highly of a half head shorter than his brother arms to hand to the table an empty beer bottle in his hands.
At this time, disco corner came five people, led by about thirty, bearded, walked, said: “hey, hey..? I do not care that you are doing, get out to fight to play here not let you goof around the place! ”
Wu brother made steady Tiffany Ringslook askance ‘beard’, shakes his head, said: “Well, quite Niubi ah, you are the boss here, Bai! Dare you talk to me. Know what I do? I was the soul of help received , and accommodating go Tiffany Cuff Linksaway alone! ”
“I do not care, or help you receive the soul of a ghost hand to help, in short, to not make trouble here!” “Mom, today I am also in this fight, and you can see how I like?”
‘Beard’ Hearing this, hey laugh, ‘pa ~ pa ~’ clap his hands, said: “OK, want to make trouble so simple! I think you can stand out!” After the applause, the stairs from the second floor in the ran Number twenty man, the hands are confronted discounts tiffany ukwith a stick.
Wu brother eyes of a preview, see each other all Bangtaiyaoyuan the man, know that today account for less than cheap, hard Yeung said: “beard, do you remember me, can not finish things today!” Turned to the youngest cried: “Boy, you kind of came cheap tiffany ukout, I wait for you outside!” Then stare beard, walked outside the disco.
“Revenue to help the soul, the soul received a force to help more than your grandmother!” Bearded see Wu brother left muttering. Youngest did not mind that, Tiffany Set carrying a beer bottle out and armed brother would recklessly.

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