worthless in their eyes=priceless in his

My life before I had become a Christian was not a fun one, I was that one kid who would get picked on by every single person in the school, I would walk down the hall there was someone to make fun of me, go to class someone to make fun of me, walk home someone to make fun of me, sometimes people would even get into groups of about 6 or so kids to ridicule me they had said things like how worthless I was , why I was bothering even living, why didn’t I just kill myself it wasn’t even just at school I would get teased and made fun of at home by my brother I would love to be able to say it didn’t get to me but of course it did, I felt useless, I wondered why I even tried at life I always asked myself if there was any point in my existence cause it sure seemed like no one else thought there was I never told anyone the way I felt not even my parents I felt nobody should waste their time on someone as worthless as me so I just kept bottling it up, it got to the point where I felt like nobody in this world cared and that God was allowing this to happen in my life because he either hated me or just plain abandoned me, but then a few months later at the beginning of freshman year my g-pa had died and I saw how devastated my g-ma was and my g-pa being a Christian and all I thought I would try going to church to cheer her up even though I had no interest in it myself, a couple of days later a couple of kids ended up inviting me to their youth group (obviously an act of God) so I went, it was an ok experience I would say a lot better than I thought it would be, I really didn’t have an interest in it though yet for some reason I kept feeling compelled to go so I went and it continued for a couple of months, I ended up going to the churches camp, just being in that environment made me a little uneasy but that’s the weekend I connected with many people at the church being at the camp just gave me this feeling that there are no worries right now in my life I don’t have to care about anything so I ended up focusing on God and that weekend I just felt God with me I felt his love for me I felt I needed him throughout my life I ended up getting on a spiritual high I felt welled up with Christ it was about a week later when we got off the mountain that everything started hitting me like a ton of bricks again the stress the feeling of worthlessness but I didn’t want that and I remembered the way I had felt with God at camp and I didn’t want that to end so that’s when I had accepted him into my life I went from worthless in my eyes to priceless in his.

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