Tears of the Saints – For God’s Sake – You Must See This

Watch this fascinating video about the needs of the people of the world, and the task that yet remains for believers in spreading the gospel.

Will you give your life for Jesus and the gospel?

What do YOU think?


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  1. This is an awesome video! It evoked strong emotions in me.Better than that,it has motivated me to act. What better tribute could we give our Lord Jesus Christ during the time that we celebrate His death,burial and resurrection than to help resurrect a dying world? I am going to mark this Easter with a financial gift towards missions. I am going to start a new tradition in my family of incorporating prayer and a donation towards evangelizing unreached people.The kids could get in on it too.Instead of Easter being only a time of remembrance,we can make it a time of action! A time that we devote resources and prayers specifically for missions!
    With these intentions, ‘Joshua Project ‘ featured here would probably be a great ministry to support .

    p.s. If ya’ll think this is a good idea,pass it on,maybe we could start a missions revolution!!

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