Words out of the blue

One morning I was busy doing my housework and these words came to me deep down not in my mind if you know what I mean.

I will lift you to the heights of zion,
Strengthen you like the Judah lion,
Refined as silver so pure,
No more the enemy will lure.

Can someone let me know if God is speaking to me

What do YOU think?



  1. angelheart42 says:

    I thank-you Lord for loving a sinner such as me,
    Father You are so gracious for Your the one who sets me free.
    Through the blood of Jesus, Your son I know so well,
    I wait patiently so me, You, will tell.
    What it is I must do only You know well,
    Father dear so precious, tell me what I must do
    I will do anything Father just for You
    Lead me on each new day,
    Heavenly Father for this I pray
    Teach me lord what to say, most of all teach me Your way
    Gentle Jesus meek amd mild,
    sometimes I feel like a lonely child
    When I think my friends are few,
    Abba Father I think of You
    You are the only one I need
    For in me there is planted a seed,
    Feed it Lord, bring it to fruitation,
    so I may spread thoughout this nation.
    Father God I praise Your Name
    You will always be the same
    Never change, Your Son has risen
    Pour forth from the windows of Heaven
    So Your will Father be done,
    For the battle You have already won

    Just thought I would share this with you brother Jim

  2. angelheart42 says:

    Thank-you so much for getting back to me that makes sense to me as I write poetry I have written a few. What does it mean when this happens is God hearing me. I cannot seem to hear God speaking back to me I really need to know what my purpose is.


  3. lookinforacity says:

    Dear Angelheart

    I do not feel that God is speaking to you, as much as I feel “Your Spirit”, is speaking to God.
    Your inner man is singing to God, (just like the Psalms) you are worshiping God in your spirit.
    Take some time and sit quietly, then compose your thoughts, see if they are poetic, if so then refine them.


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