Introduction to Spiritual Warfare

Things will be right when God takes his rightful place in our lives and in our societies. Most people have no idea how good it is to actually enjoy God’s favor and presence on a daily basis. Its amazing. It is possible, and it beats anything else you could ever experience. But God gave us freedom of choice. Unfortunately, mankind has used this freedom to give tremendous authority to invisible evil spirits including Satan, their chief. These spirits have deceived people everywhere, including many Christians, on just about every point that is truly important. These spirits work to enslave and destroy people and societies. They have no mercy. They enjoy seeing us suffer. They are behind sickness, disorder, corruption and strife at every level.

But now, through the knowledge of what Jesus actually did, we can fight back. We can come out of blindness, futility, deception and slavery if we really want to, thanks to God and his love for us. Jesus paid the price for our freedom and fulfilment with his own blood when He died for us. He overcame death and we can too, if we remain in Him.

In fact, Christians have the power now through Jesus to cast out and humiliate the very spirits that people of other religions worship as deities! We will do this if we keep our focus on Jesus Christ and obediently respond to the Holy Spirit.

There is hope for all people if we will take hold of these truths, and use the faith God has given us to defeat the demons in and around us. This site seeks to be a resource for this purpose. May God’s name truly be glorified.

Michael Fackerell

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  1. Blackmagicrescue says:

    Amen! Why isn’t this spoken about in all Christian churches of all denominations?
    For those suffering black magic and Evil problems who need help through the healing power of Jesus please contact

  2. Timothy Luke says:

    You are so right that we are in a battle. We have been born into a war zone and Satan’s kingdom is in battle mode. As we operate in spiritual warfare, let us know friend from foe. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,” tells us people are not the target, they are the human shields. Pray for them and be willing to suffer harm turning the other cheek as needed.

    But we wrestle against “principalities and powers, wicked spirits in high places.” Let us learn to discern so we don’t get burned! As this world darkens, let us also remember Jesus’ words to Pilate. “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were of this world, then would my servants fight.” We are not called to militantism in the flesh. We are called to lay down our lives. In the spirit, we must never forsake the faith we have in Jesus, whatever the cost!

    Also worthy of mention is that Jesus cast out spirits of infirmity and insanity. If you are suffering chronic diseases or syndromes, seek the Lord for how the enemy may be manifesting it in your life and what He would have you fight against to overcome it and be free.

    Blessings and Peace,

  3. KAHENRYIRA says:

    the moment satan who was lucifer was casted from heaven the battle line was drawn! thats why Jesus said- “since the time of John the kingdom of God sufferd violence….”

    spiritual warfare should be part of every real christian. if you call yourself a christian then be ready to be a worrior. lets take the example of Isrealites, from Egypt to cananan they were fighters, they had to fight to pass some borders, they were supposed to venture into wars to get access to some things. i beleive that was our pictures that is supposed to come into our minds time and again to know that we are supposed to fight and thats- spiritual warfare!!!!!!!!!!!!

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