Why Christians love to spend so much money on Church Buildings

DISCLAIMER: I’ve enjoyed some great times in church buildings, and God has been pleased to do many great things in them, so what I’m about to say should not be construed in the wrong way. In only offer it as food for thought:


… The question has been raised as to why we spend so much on church buildings, sound systems and conferences when with a fraction of the money we could no doubt bring the gospel of Jesus Christ, and leadership training, to the entire population of the world through  a network of dedicated evangelists and apostles using mass media. I think its important for people to think about why the church buildings are so important and why we must first hold EVEN MORE Real Estate before we can seriously get on with the Great Commission.


Everyone knows that the church buildings are “the House” and we must “Love the House”. But how can we love the house if we don’t have one? This time honored principle goes back to the days of wise King Solomon and it still works well today.

Next: Church buildings are of primary importance because people want them. If you don’t give people what they want, they won’t come to church, will they? And what’s the good of that?


Having a church building makes people feel like they are really “on the map” as a “real church” when they have a building. These little groups that keep meeting without church buildings and papers from the government are not important. If they were important, they would have a building, right? But they probably can’t even raise enough money for a building. That just shows how pathetic they are.


The buildings create a powerful platform for the pastor or denomination who controls them, as the case may be. Everyone knows that most people are biblically illiterate and can’t be trusted to give a message from God. The ones that God has truly anointed will be the ones who can speak in a church building to the many.

Its About the Money, Honey.

Church buildings are an accepted place to raise money for further expansion, and a reason in themselves for raising money. It doesn’t seem quite as good to pass a collection plate around in someone’s home. Its a proven fact that people will give towards building programs.

Buildings are Something we can Believe In

People believe in buildings. They last longer than people most of the time. The real estate grows in value. People may backslide, church leadership may become apostate, but as long as the building was properly constructed, no earthquake comes, no serious public persecution comes, and no litigious person can successfully sue the church for its assets, the church building will remain, perhaps for generations to come. And if you live in England, even if you lose all your believers, the church building can always be sold for cash to muslims for use as a mosque, thus releasing valuable assets into liquid form for other purposes.

Buildings are Convenient

Owning a building means you don’t have to drag sound equipment around everywhere. Just because George Whitfield could preach to ten thousand people without a microphone doesn’t mean that God expects us to go hoarse when speaking to 80 or so people. We need sound equipment, and if we rent a building, we would have to carry it around and store it somewhere anyway. Much better then to have a place for the sound gear to safely dwell. It can always be insured against theft, anyway.

Buildings Help Us Feel Safe

If ever a persecution breaks out against Christians, the Government and the Police will know exactly where to find us if we are all congregated together in a well marked building. That should make us feel very safe in these Last Days.

A Building Helps Us Build a Name for ourselves, and not to Scatter

Only a fool would dispute that buildings really help in Branding, and separating our group of Christians from inferior sorts. Without a proper building, its harder to establish a separate identity as a local church. People should have a clear concept of what they are buying into, and the territory of the building is a good place to establish what the church is all about. People scatter when moving from rented hall to rented hall unless the process is managed carefully. To avoid people scattering, they need a central landmark to come to. Even the pagan people in the days of the Tower of Babel understood this principle.

Buildings Create a Platform for Worthwhile Ministries

Buildings allow a chosen group of specially anointed people (the pastors and their chosen guests) to minister to a larger group of people all at once. Even after years of training, most people don’t have the ability to say too much publicly without causing everyone to cringe with embarrassment. The few people who do have something worthwhile to say should be rewarded by being given access to the public platform of a church building.

Church Buildings are Monuments

Church buildings are a monument to the fundraising and leadership ability of the person who got people to give for them, and to a lesser extent, to the nameless and faceless people who contributed the money to make them a reality. They are a focus for the religious life of the community, and as such, should be held in honor by all.


Well, folks, I hope you can now see why the vast majority of our giving should be directed towards church buildings. What good would all this evangelizing be if we had nowhere to bring the people to, anyway?

What do YOU think?


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  1. lorenj47 says:

    I’ve struggled accepting the belief that spending millions of dollars on a central location to meet is the right thing to do for a while now, which is what brought me here. It’s easy to talk about Solomon and all of his wealth, and I think that is a human’s justification to satisfy our fleshly desire for it. To say we have the right to have fancy new things (church included) because of how much King Solomon had, is a pretty good indication that we may be turning down the road of the prosperity gospel and I think we need to be careful.

    Switch over to the New Testatment and this is where I have the hardest time accepting the church investment. There are countless verses on the danger of wealth and the love of money: Sell your possessions and give it to the poor so you’ll have treasure in heaven, harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven, Jesus saying to destroy the temple and he’ll raise it up in three days. (side note on this part of the artcle: “Everyone knows that the church buildings are “the House” and we must “Love the House”, The church is not a building, the church is the body of believers, don’t love a building, love your brothers and sisters). There are so many verses contradicting the investment, that I can’t understand why we keep spending so much on these meeting places.

    I work at a Marketing Agency and recently had a church elder ask us to do some work for them so they can obtain new and younger members. Currently they have a 980,000 mortgage, 150,000 needed for repairs, and 30,000 for other programs, then they come to us for a Marketing Campaign which will be roughly 50,000 for the year. Now after knowing how Jesus spread the gospel (with absolutely nothing), and what he preached, how can I accept that these multi-million dollar churches and buildings are the key to unlocking the spreading of the gospel? The major players in scripture didn’t do it this way, why are we? I’ve noticed that the adverse effects have been happening. We are using the worlds methods to draw in believers instead of relying on the Lord to provide them. The world sees right through them, and believers fall to a similar belief. The result is our believers are leaving these entertainment centers and buying big houses and cars and falling into the same debt, but somehow we continue to justify it. On top of that the non-believers I’ve talked to at work are turned off by it, as it’s just another form of entertainment that they have the choice to attend once a week. By the time young believers leave their parents home, a very small percentage find another church to consistently attend. It just seems like church buildings are trying to run our faith like a business instead of trusting in the Lord. Am I crazy for struggling with this?

  2. Holyroller_11 says:

    On many things I agree,but on few I do not, People who have a church to go to are blessed,a good one is hard to find. The thing is Church buildings when they were built were for 1 thing, to worship God and have a place solely for that purpose. A home church,when the service is over,converts back to a home,all types of traffic,and food,and tv,and everything but holy to God. This was the reason David wanted a House for God.to be pure and clean from the worldly and daily living. God wants us to be in his house,praying one for another,laying hands on the sick,praying sinners though by laying on of hands. an alter is where we humble ourselves before God .A alter in homes are rare. online church is good ,but both is better. Money comes and goes and greed is always present, 10 percent is holy to God ,What man does with it after it leaves the hands of the saints,is on the head of the caretaker of it,not the giver.he gave it to God,it then was not his anymore, It takes money for missions and upkeep ,I am not happy about game rooms and basketball courts on church grounds, I think they should help the church members who struggle also, but all churches or preachers are not bad, even web site owners seek money to operate.

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      Money seems to be the big gripe people have concerning a building,but TRUTH is a lost art,Solomon spent tons of wealth,on a building,that was designed by God, so it seems to me God wants HIS house to be a great and RESPECTED place for the worship of the Creator of ALL things. What is money?it comes and goes,so what, God’s house is more than a building. Its a place of confort,help,and God wants his storehouse full for the needs of his people. On line church is better than no church at all,but it will never replace the real deal. there is nothing in comparision in this world,to being in church and a great outpouring of the Holy Ghost happen. People are more worried about money than they are about God and his ways of doing things.Money in churches partly are given for other churches to be spead,and missionaries have bennefited also,the speading of the gospel is a direct result of church buildings. People and their attitude in church and about church is the reason they are falling away, If you want to have God in your church,then take the extra steps to have it, or just simply go along with the crowd, People never apreciate anything til after its gone

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